One of the decisions every organization needs to make sooner or later is whether to store information on-premises or use cloud-hosted solutions. There are potential benefits and considerations for each approach; determining which is best for your organization is not always a simple process. There’s evidence that suggests more organizations are now leaning toward cloud solutions. In fact, a recent study by AIIM revealed that 84 percent of the organizations surveyed were considering implementing cloud-based solutions.

Benefits and Considerations for On-Premises Solutions

When you use in-house servers, you have physical control over your information and backups. Deploying your own intrusion detection systems and locking down your firewall, ensure you’re maintaining documents and information securely without worrying about a third party gaining access to data.

However, there are potential drawbacks too. Firstly, there’s a potentially large one-time capital investment to buy the technology hardware and invest in the infrastructure. You also need to be able to physically accommodate the server in your office and employ dedicated IT personnel who can manage and support the server. Another potential problem is that if a significant business disruption occurs, you could lose data that is only stored on-site and you’re on your own to handle systems recovery after a disaster.

Why Many Organizations Opt for Cloud-Based Services

With a cloud-based server, you have a flexible solution that can grow with your company. There is no need to expend capital on pricey hardware or hiring dedicated IT support to manage the server. Your data is also backed up regularly, helping protect you against losses if disaster strikes.

True cloud-based services can allow for secure mobile access to your information anytime from anywhere without costly infrastructure foundations. Secure audited access can be achieved by accessing the application on your browser.

Discover the Power of Treeno Software’s Cloud-Based Solution

When you implement Treeno Software’s Electronic Document Management (EDM) solution, you’re getting a secure, hosted Software-as-a-Service application that allows for fast implementation without the investment in infrastructure you would need when going with an on-premises hosted solution. To learn more, call us today at 800-528-5005 or contact us online.