Treeno Software VP and COO Interviewed for New CIO Applications Article

Managing student records, employee files, vendor contracts and more can be challenging for school districts of any size. CIO Applications recently interviewed Lisa McCoole, COO and VP of Worldwide Sales for Treeno Software, to talk about how Treeno’s Electronic Document Management (EDM) solution is changing the way school districts across the country are using and storing information. This blog post provides an overview of that interview.

EDM Reduces the Burden and Expense of Manually Managing Documents and Records

Treeno Software’s EDM solution is a secure, web-based application that can be deployed quickly and maintained easily. EDM helps individual schools and school districts manage documents and other records through document storage and automated workflow capabilities. Rather than requiring users to learn entirely new systems, EDM integrates seamlessly with student Information systems and accounting programs already in place, providing user-friendly access and the ability to retrieve documents quickly and easily.

When a district implements the EDM solution, Treeno also makes it easy to incorporate historical documents by using barcode technology and file import tools. This eliminates the need for manual indexing, helping keep costs in check and securing historical records for future use or archiving without worrying about maintaining paper files.

Whether Server-Based or Cloud-Hosted, Security Controls Help Ensure Confidentiality

There are two ways school districts and other organizations can purchase Treeno’s EDM solution: on an on-site server or by using Treeno’s cloud-hosting option. The latter method is quickly becoming the preferred method for many school districts, as it is cost-effective and eliminates the need for the school or school district to have to maintain the server hardware, manage the operating system or create local backups.

Regardless of which hosting method is chosen, districts can be confident in the security measures EDM provides. Only authenticated users can access the system. Even after logging in, users can only view and work with records they have been authorized to access. The system comes with audit trail capabilities, helping ensure confidentiality requirements are adhered to.

A Consultative Approach

Treeno recognizes that there is not a one-size-fits-all solution for organizations that want to implement EDM solutions. Even among school districts with relatively similar profiles, there can be different priorities and challenges. Treeno takes a consultative approach when working with new clients, seeking to fully understand the district’s unique needs.

EDM can also interface seamlessly with existing applications, so Treeno works closely with school districts during the onboarding process to determine whether it makes sense to make those systems connections when deploying the solution to users. Authorized users and system administrators at the district or school level will also receive training and guidance, both during implementation and through ongoing support channels.

Treeno is Poised for Continued Partnership with the Education Industry

Over the past year and a half, Treeno has worked to implement new technologies designed specifically to enhance and simplify the document management experience for school districts. Looking ahead to the future, Treeno is continuing to find ways to improve its EDM solution including introducing EDM to users of the Skyward application and other student information systems.

To learn more, including a case study illustrating some of the many benefits school districts can realize from implementing Treeno’s EDM solution, read the full CIO Applications article. To find out how Treeno’s EDM solution can help your school district or organization better manage its records and realize operational and cost efficiencies, contact us today.