Managing documents at the state or local government level can be a frustrating, manual process, filled with bottlenecks and inefficiencies. Fortunately, there’s a better way. Using an electronic document management solution can help improve delivery of critical public services in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Comply Easily with Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Requests

Increasingly, government agencies struggle with transparency and how to make certain documents and records readily available to constituents. The Freedom of Information Act requires government agencies to make certain documents available to constituents online and allow the public to access other documents upon request.

Relying on walk-up service where the public can request and access those records can be administratively burdensome. With an electronic records management process, local governments can easily make information and information request forms available through online portals, cutting the flow of foot traffic in administrative offices. Using document management workflows can also speed up the delivery of documents, ensuring requests are automatically routed to users responsible for approval or processing.

Facilitate the Permitting Process

Electronic document management can be instrumental in making the permit process smoother. By designing and using custom forms and workflows, government users can speed up the review process. When a permit request meets pre-established requirements, the electronic document management solution can automatically issue the permit. Finally, users charged with managing permits can also use the system to facilitate that process.

Back-Office Services

State and local government office management involves much more than just public-facing programs and services. Using an electronic document management solution can help improve accounting functions including managing vendor service contracts and automating accounts payable. Human resources personnel can also benefit from electronic records storage to maintain personnel files and from workflows designed to make expense reimbursement or travel approval request forms easy and paper-free.

Manage Meeting Agendas and Materials

Government agencies’ processes need to be transparent, but they also need to make efficient use of public funding. Implementing an electronic document management system can help when it comes to making meeting agendas, presentations, handouts, minutes and other materials available to constituents and internal government users alike. Treeno Software’s Electronic Document Management (EDM) solution can also help make meeting agenda approvals more efficient by cutting processing time. By automating the document creation, assembly and distribution process, workers can be more efficient and can have more confidence that agenda packets will include all intended information.

Improve Case File Management

State and local government caseworkers play a key role in delivering certain government services to constituents, but they often struggle with managing documents and case files. Moving to an electronic document management system can help. When documents and records are scanned and indexed, caseworkers can access relevant records remotely, quickly and easily. This can help them be more efficient with their time.

Discover How Treeno Software’s EDM Solution Can Help Your State or Local Government Manage Records

Treeno Software’s EDM solution can help state and local governments manage documents and records using a government-wide solution that integrates with existing tools and applications. Security levels can be customized and are easy to administratively manage as needed.

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