Today, digressing from the conventional methods of learning, the K-12 education landscape is witnessing the development and adoption of cutting-edge educational technologies that make learning a much more personalized and immersive experience.

The introduction of disruptive tools and technologies in flipped classrooms like real-time media streaming devices has made class room learning and collaboration simpler and convenient. Cloud computing is making it significantly easier for students to share educational data with classmates, teachers, and peers. Implementation of artificial intelligence is also redefining teaching and learning methodologies by helping in student data analysis to discern a student’s motivation, and learning preferences.

Machine learning is another emerging trend is this arena and is gradually gaining momentum as it takes into account the collective intelligence of teachers globally in the form of data. It is becoming increasingly easier to score oral fluency of students and also, to some extent, writing competency by leveraging machine learning. Experiential learning is made possible with VRs and ARs that impart students the ability to learn faster in an exciting and engaging way.

After a thorough analysis of K-12 technology vendors in the past few months, our distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, and analysts, including CIOReview’s editorial board has reviewed and selected top 20 companies in the K-12 technology domain. In our selection process we have evaluated a vendor’s competency to provide efficient as well cost-effective K-12 technology solutions. We have curated a list of 20 most promising companies who are at the forefront of tackling the challenges in K-12 arena.

We present to you one of “20 Most Promising K-12 Technology Solution Providers 2017” – Treeno Software. – CIO Review, November 2017

Treeno Software: A Central Repository for all Documentation

School districts handle a multitude of documents, both paper-based and electronic, every day. Given the sheer magnitude, coupled with the level of confidentiality, it is a real struggle for institutions to manage, secure, and access these documents. There is a growing trend for educational institutions today to move away from traditional server-based software deployments that entail server upgrades, SQL licensing, and backup plans which in turn necessitate more IT people to support that infrastructure for managing information electronically. To meet this trend, Treeno Software provides a proven cloud-hosted electronic document management (EDM) solution which allows permissioned users to log in from any browser on any device and securely access and manage important files when required.

Treeno helps schools manage their student information, human resources, and accounting documents. Student individual education plans (IEP), transcripts, medical files, disciplinary records, onboarding documents, benefits, certifications, garnishments, payroll, and accounting files can be stored in the Treeno EDM system in a client configured database. Treeno’s EDM solution effectively preserves and protects every document in a centralized location whereby schools can free up physical storage space and safeguard paper-based records from degradation over time while enhancing security by granting access to licensed users only. Treeno’s uniqueness lies in its flexibility to integrate the EDM system into its clients’ core business applications in a simplified, cost-affordable manner.

In its experience of working with school systems, Treeno identified a major need for automated submission of forms. To this end, the firm creates the ability for school employees and parents to fill out electronic PDF forms from anywhere which, once completed, are automatically labeled and filed into the Treeno EDM system and a specified employee is alerted. “We have recently implemented travel expense fillable form technology for Olympia School District to streamline the request and approval process for all travel expenditures district-wide,” says Lisa McCoole, COO and VP of Sales at Treeno Software. When district travel expense forms are submitted, Treeno’s dynamic workflow can automatically route the file through the district based on the school that is submitting the form and whether or not the expense is being subsidized by an additional department.

Furthermore, school systems are challenged with managing and securing their documents which is exacerbated by the geographical distance between schools within a district. Files that pertain to a student at the elementary level no longer need to be transferred to the middle or high school level manually. Treeno’s central EDM solution not only stores files, but also audits all activity in the system to address regulatory compliances. “Our EDM solution saves district-wide time and money by providing authorized users real-time access to the files from anywhere while streamlining access, approval, and sharing of information,” Lisa adds.

Not only will Treeno help to secure your files, Treeno’s EDM solution will save the district time and money by providing authorized users real-time access to the files from anywhere at any time. Treeno EDM streamlines accessing, approving and sharing information

Treeno’s cloud-hosted solution has supported thousands of users to handle millions of documents for over 12 years. Treeno partners with a reputable hosting company to ensure all files are secure and audited. When it comes to implementation, the Treeno team understands the different phases of their client’s workflow and strategically deploys the solution. Treeno offers an automated back scanning solution to assist in scanning current student and employee files. Treeno’s support and project management team works with point persons internally throughout the implementation process to make sure systems are deployed in a well-organized and timely manner. Once implemented, support continues by way of toll free phone support as well as an electronic ticketing system.

Elaborating on Treeno’s long-term goals, Lisa emphasizes on the firm’s plan to continue integrating with the ever evolving educational software platforms that support students, teachers, administrators, and families. Treeno strives to enhance automation wherever possible in an ongoing effort to save, time, money, and trees.

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