Treeno Software Helps School Districts Create Process Efficiencies

Historically, school districts have had to generate, process and maintain a voluminous amount of paper records for students and staff. Treeno Software has changed how busy districts across the country manage and store records, creating process efficiencies that free up district administrators’ time, while at the same time-saving money and helping secure confidential information.

A recent CIOReview article highlighted some of the many benefits school districts can realize by implementing Treeno’s Electronic Document Management (EDM) solution.

Cloud-Hosted Solution Makes Accessing Records Simple and Fast

Treeno’s EDM solution allows school districts to move away from server-based software solutions that just require more IT staff and infrastructure.

In addition to being cost-effective to administer, Treeno’s EDM also allows users who have been granted the necessary permissions to log in to the system from virtually anywhere using any device. Users can access files and manage documents any time – 24/7 – from wherever they are.

Document Management Solution for All of a School District’s Important Records

When a school district implements Treeno’s EDM solution, they are getting more than a simple document repository. EDM provides a client-configured database that can be used to store all of the district’s important records including individual education plans (IEPs), disciplinary records, transcripts, medical files, onboarding records, benefits information, payroll, accounting files, staff certifications, wage garnishment records and much more.

The district’s documents are maintained in a central location, indexed and can be retrieved quickly and easily by authorized users. Implementing EDM can eliminate the need to maintain paper records, saving money on paper and printing costs as well as file cabinets and storage space.

Forms Management Made Easy

EDM can limit, or in some cases virtually eliminate, the need to handle paper forms. Parents, teachers and staff can access fillable PDF files, complete them and return them electronically. Once they’re submitted, automated workflows ensure forms are routed to the appropriate staff member for processing. For example, some of Treeno’s school district clients use automated workflows to manage the employee expense reimbursement process. This can ensure expense reports are reviewed and approved (or denied) in a timely manner without getting buried on an approver’s desk.

Secure Records Management

In school districts that still rely on paper files and manual document processes for document management, it can be a struggle to ensure those records are secured and that only authorized personnel can access them. In addition, moving student or staff files between schools within the district can also be a logistical challenge. With Treeno’s EDM, securing and transferring documents and records is no longer a concern – even in large districts or those with geographically-dispersed school buildings.

The system provides a complete audit trail, which can ensure regulatory compliance requirements are adhered to.

A Proven Track Record and the Support Your District Needs

For more than 12 years, Treeno’s EDM solution has allowed thousands of users at school districts and other organizations across the country to securely handle millions of documents. Districts considering implementing electronic document solutions can rest easy knowing Treeno works with each new client individually to ensure implementation goes smoothly. The implementation process can differ depending on the school district’s needs, but includes an automated back scanning solution so districts have ready access to current students’ and staff members’ files. Additionally, support is always available, even after implementation, by toll-free telephone and electronic means.

To learn more about how Treeno EDM can help your school district improve its document storage and management processes, save time and money, and enhance the user experience for district administrators, teachers, staff and parents, contact us today.