The Northern Lights Credit Union (NLFCU) is a full-service financial institution providing financial products and services in Vermont and New Hampshire.

They were using an expensive third-party provider that wasn’t meeting their storage and use capacity needs and was cumbersome to use.

In 2019, Northern Lights started looking at other service providers and liked Treeno Software’s positive and receptive assistance. They are delighted with Treeno’s expertise and seamless implementation.

The Challenge

Northern Lights is required to keep permanent records, including board minutes, supervisory committees minutes, and the National Credit Union Administration reports. But they lacked storage. Northern Lights FCU CEO and Treasurer of the Board, Rita St. Arnauld explains that Northern Lights’ core banking system referred a third-party provider to them to help with digital document storage. Soon after they signed up, they ran into problems because the provider only provided five or six gigabytes of storage space before charging for more storage. Because of the limited storage, they constantly moved things into an off-site area, which became a cumbersome system and process for the Northern Lights’ users. Limited space, additional costs, poor user experiences, and difficulties were the main factors for Northern Lights to look for a better document management solution.

With five concurrent employee users, they needed a system that provided a plentiful amount of safe and secure storage with easy sharing capabilities of business documents, including forms, policies and procedures, human resource files, and corporate documents. And during audits, they needed a system that allowed examiners and auditors to access files for days or weeks at a time.

The Solution

While searching online, Northern Lights found Treeno Software, a local Document Management provider in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. When the CEO spoke with Treeno, she was pleased with the solution’s receptive and positive response and presentation.

Northern Lights Federal Credit Union found Treeno Enterprise Document Management to be an easy-to-use and extremely powerful web browser-based document and workflow management system. Treeno provided a quick implementation experience and seamlessly integrated with Northern Lights’ core business applications while providing their employees secure and instant access to information.

Having felt constrained by their previous solution, NLFCU appreciated the value of Treeno’s ‘grow as you go’ approach. Now, Treeno can grow with NLFCU from a storage and technology integration standpoint in the future while scaling from a single concurrent user to as many end-users as Northern Lights Federal Credit Union may require.

With security as a main must-have, Treeno’s cloud-hosted, web-based platform offers three layers of security that make storing, securing, and sharing files worry-free:

  • Auditing and reporting on every user action in the system means that documents are never lost, deleted, replicated, etc., without a trace. Treeno’s version control feature ensures chain of custody control and file/workflow history to keep track of who has interacted with files with user/time/action auditing.
  • Treeno makes providing tailored access to select documents easy for guest users such as auditors and examiners.
  • Documents can also be securely sent from the Treeno system, including the ability for files to be annotated/redacted prior to sending.

Treeno’s application security reporting and auditing, combined with the company’s longtime relationship with a data hosting partner, Rackspace, made the value and ease of the cloud option an easy decision.

The Results

Northern Lights’ CEO was happy with the implementation of Treeno. The conversion of data and files from their previous system was seamless, and their system setup and training were straightforward. Choosing Treeno for their new document management provider means that Northern Lights Credit Union has more control over their system capabilities and costs.

The credit union can now give outside users like auditors and regulators temporary access that auto shuts off after a designated time period, reducing the need for onsite access to paper documents.

Administrators can create new cabinets, create new users, delete old users, and upload documents instantly. The paper, ink, and person-hours saved on document handling have created financial cost savings. They’ve also seen COVID hygiene improvements because regulators can look at things without always having to come onsite.

The expanded, affordable storage capacity within Treeno means no more moving files out of the system to off-site storage.

The Long-Term Benefits

Northern Lights Credit Union appreciates Treeno’s customizable document management solution, which allows them to store any documents they work with currently and those they may encounter in the future. Treeno’s low cost of entry, user-friendly features, cloud storage, and user permissions provided the solution that NLFCU was in desperate need of initially and a solution that can be easily and affordably expanded in the future for the credit union’s document management needs.

NLFCU’s auditors have been pleased with the Treeno user experience as well. With audit and examination needs only expanding as people move to more technical and remote-based systems, NLFCU feels well-positioned for advancements such as the MERIT exams, which are transitioning to completely digital by 2023. Having these documents digitally stored in Treeno allows the files to be easily uploaded to other platforms or shared out securely.

Other future capabilities NLFCU can use Treeno for will include process automation for approvals and communications via Treeno’s Workflow automation and fillable form creation to automate the submission of common forms.

With Treeno’s customizable solutions, qualified understanding of client business needs, and document management software expertise, Northern Lights can be confident that their future needs can be easily and cost-effectively taken care of.


Northern Lights FCU CEO and Treasurer Rita St. Arnauld is thrilled with how much easier it is to use Treeno’s solution than what they had before. One of her favorite features is the flexible structure that eliminates the need for tagging documents.

She goes on to say Treeno is more cost-effective and offers more features than other document management platforms. Plus, the reporting is very user-friendly, flexible, and really helps with IT audits.

Above all else, Arnauld is happy with how extremely impressed auditors, examiners, and board members are with Treeno’s solution for Northern Lights.

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