School office staff and district administrative personnel often find themselves struggling to manage the volume of paperwork that needs to be routed through various steps in differing approval processes.

Treeno Software’s automated district-wide document approval tool can eliminate this frustration, making what was once a cumbersome, time-consuming process more efficient and more cost-effective.

Managing Paper Documents is Inefficient at Best

As any district administrator can attest, managing documents like expense reports, timesheet approvals, time off requests, personnel forms, purchase requests and parental permission slips can be an exercise in frustration. Managing the volume of approvals and request can be a daunting task. Schools and school districts may track documents using spreadsheets or other manual tools, but it’s easy for paper documents to slip through the cracks or to languish on someone’s desk waiting for approval. Meanwhile, the person who submitted the form has no idea what its status is. Even for a relatively simple form that requires just one level of sign-off or approval, the process can be time-consuming and inefficient for everyone involved.

Treeno’s Document Approval Process for School Districts

Districts that choose to implement Treeno’s district-wide document approval and processing solution can save money and time, while providing enhanced visibility and tracking of documents in process

Using Treeno’s fillable form technology, school district employees, contractors or parents can create and monitor the status of simple, user-friendly PDF forms. Here’s how the technology can help:

  1. Districts create fillable PDF forms, including all relevant fields. Generally, the information captured on electronic forms is the same as what was captured on paper forms. The fillable forms may be hosted on an intranet, or may be made available to parents or others through a public web page.
  2. A workflow process is pre-defined, depending on how submitters answer various questions. For example, an expense report submitted by a teacher in a specific middle school might be routed to the middle school principal prior to being routed to the district office, however reports for a high school might go directly to their high school principal prior to being routed to the district office. The approval workflow can be defined and refined based on multiple additional fields, to further refine the process.
  3. When a user submits a form, it is captured in Treeno’s system and routed to the pre-defined reviewer. That reviewer can receive email notifications alerting them they have a task requiring their attention in the system.
  4. The form can be automatically routed through several levels or layers of approval, as defined ahead of time by the school and/or district. For example, a form might be routed to the Vice Principal, then to the Principal, then to the Superintendent.
  5. At all times, the submitter can see the status of the submitted form in real time. In addition, the district-wide administrator also has enhanced visibility into the process, making it easier to identify potential bottlenecks. Each approver can enter notes when appropriate as the forms move through the approval process.

Managing documents manually can be both difficult and frustrating. With Treeno’s automated forms process, there is no need to wonder whose desk a form is sitting on, or to worry about moving paper from desk-to-desk or office-to-office.

Contact Treeno to Learn More

There are many reasons school districts are choosing to adopt Treeno’s document management solution for district-wide forms:

Integrating student information systems and back office applications using electronic forms means districts can save time and money, improve efficiency and accuracy, and provide enhanced service to employees, parents and anyone else completing forms.

The applications for this technology are almost unlimited; any type of form the district or individual schools use can be enhanced using Treeno’s document management solutions.

To learn more, contact Treeno today.