For County and local government offices, transparency is key. Giving constituents access to information satisfies legal and regulatory requirements while improving relationships between the government and local citizens. However, the logistics of facilitating that transparency often pose a challenge. This is particularly true in government offices that still rely heavily on paper documents and manual filing and review processes.

Moving to an electronic document management solution and creating a portal for constituents to access certain types of government data, can give taxpayers the direct access to the information they crave while creating cost-efficiencies and process improvements for government offices.

Taxpayers Expect Simple — and Immediate — Access to Information

In today’s increasingly digital world, people expect that they will have ready access to information they desire directly from their computers or mobile devices at any time of day. The thought of visiting a government administration office during regular business hours and filling out paper request forms to view records seems like an archaic way of doing things. However, that is still the reality in government offices across the country.

This outdated way of doing things is inconvenient for taxpayers, but it is also time-consuming for local government staffers, who devote significant time to fielding and addressing constituents’ requests.

Create Efficiencies and Satisfy Constituents with an Electronic Document Portal and Request Process

Moving to an electronic portal for constituent access can significantly reduce foot traffic while improving the end user experience. Rather than going to the County or local government office, constituents can simply visit a website to request and view information such as GIS records, meeting agendas and minutes and more.

Putting this power in citizens’ hands can mean that when someone does have to visit the government office, they have likely already researched and viewed information on their own. Conversations with government workers therefore tend to be more thoughtful. Rather than the government staffer spending their time “chasing paper” to satisfy a constituent’s request, they can have valuable conversations, answering the requestor’s questions.

Maintain Complete Audit Trails of Document Requests Received and Fulfilled

Creating an electronic portal for makes accessing, requesting and delivering documents easy for constituents while simultaneously making it easier for governments to prove their compliance thanks to Treeno’s access requirements and thorough auditing and reporting.

In counties, cities and townships that rely on paper-based request forms, there is always the possibility that a request record will be misplaced or misfiled. With an electronic request process and portal, users complete their requests electronically. Those forms are then routed automatically and the entire track is automated and reported on so that a file is never lost and years down the road you will be able to identify exactly who has interacted with the file(s) and when. Reporting on requests for specific records, received during a particular time period, is as simple as a few mouse clicks.

Discover How Treeno Software’s Electronic Document Management and Document Imaging Solutions Can Improve the User Experience for Your Constituents and Government Employees

Rather than hiring an expensive web development resource to add a portal to your government’s website, consider implementing Treeno’s Electronic Document Management (EDM) solutions. With EDM, you can meet constituents’ expectations while streamlining and improving the user experience for government employees.

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