In today’s high-speed technologically advanced business world, it is rare for employees to work only between the hours of 9 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday. The traditional practice of working strictly from the company’s office is also outdated and impractical in the digital age where workers are frequently on the move, working remotely or out in the field. In our increasingly digital society, businesses that are equipped with flexible technology solutions that allow them to leverage mobile devices have a competitive edge over organizations that haven’t embraced electronic document management tools.

Increase Organizational Agility

Implementing technology solutions that allow you to capture, work with and store documents electronically is a great first step. When documents and automated workflows are available 24/7 to authorized users, you significantly increase your organization’s ability to meet its quotas, deadlines and demands.

Recognizing the need to access certain information off-site, more organizations are implementing Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies, allowing employees to use their personal laptop computers, tablets and smartphones to access network drives, emails and other company records. When you use a mobile-enabled, flexible document management solution, your employees can perform almost any business transaction and access business records on their own devices safely and securely.

This not only makes it easier for your employees to do their jobs; it also means you’re able to better deliver on your customer service promises, save time and money and have a smaller environmental footprint.

Improve Productivity

By giving employees the tools they need to do their jobs from anywhere, your organization can realize significant gains in productivity. For example, when an employee is off-site at a client’s location and needs to pull a document, having access at his or her fingertips saves time and eliminates the need to have someone back at the office pull records manually and fax or email them to you. It also looks good to the client, showing them that you take client service seriously.

Electronic document management is about much more than simply accessing documents on the go. Your employees can also use established workflows to keep tasks and projects moving through the system, even when they’re not physically on-site at the office. This means employees and supervisors can review information, approve records and complete assignments from the airport, public transit, a client’s location, the employee’s home or anywhere they have internet access.

Meet Security and Privacy Requirements

While it’s important to be able to access files and transact business electronically, it’s just as important to ensure those records and transactions are secure. With an uptick in recent years in cybersecurity breaches, securing documents is critical.

Leveraging a mobile electronic document management solution can make your documents and records more secure than when you relied on paper records or other storage solutions. Electronic document management gives you control over access rights, meaning that your system administrator can turn access on or off for employees, limiting user rights to only those documents and workflows the employee has a business need for. This can help your business stay in compliance with both its internal governance rules as well as external, industry-specific privacy and information security requirements.

Leverage the Power of Mobile Technology with Treeno’s Electronic Document Management Solution

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