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Manufacturing companies are increasing productivity and improving customer service with Treeno Workflow Automation and Electronic Document Management Solutions

Manufacturers in a wide range of sectors face heightened global competition, which can only be addressed by proving operational excellence as a better supplier with superior customer relations. Treeno Software’s industry-leading Electronic Document Management solution will help you do just that!

Constant technological advances enable continuous process improvements for efficiency and improved product quality, reduced waste and lower energy consumption, while creating challenges to control capital expenditures and protect or improve operating margins. Meanwhile, customers expect higher quality products at lower prices with improved services, while governments apply ever more stringent regulations. Manufacturing companies need visibility into every process and activity at each value chain step, along with better coordination and information exchange between business units, suppliers, partners and customers.

Treeno’s solutions for manufacturing improve workflow automation and availability to staff while addressing regulatory demands for long-term retention. They provide full visibility of content and context via the user’s preferred interface. Each business unit can access the operational information as required to support their specific objectives, so you can feel confident that up-to-date, informed decisions are being made.

Let Treeno:

  • Streamline the proof of delivery, invoice matching process
  • Provide measurable reporting on document routing and processing time
  • Secure human resource files
  • Manage vendor and client contracts
  • Manage the versioning process for your design and policy documents
  • More easily address regulatory compliance needs of Sarbanes Oxley, ISO, and more
  • Provide life cycle management of your business documents
  • Better service your clients and vendors by having you fingers on you business documents in seconds.
  • Manage your opportunities by having visibility of all open proposals, quotes and reports

Treeno Electronic Document Management Solutions for Manufacturing

Application Integration with ERP, Manufacturing and Financial Applications

The Treeno EMD system seamlessly integrates with many manufacturing application such as Forthshift, Pointman, Navision, and X. With just a single click, you can retrieve filed documents and automatically file, name and link documents to client transactions within your application.

Proof of Delivery and Invoice Matching Process

Matching documents in the Accounts Payable process can be labor intensive and difficult to manage. For any purchase, several different documents, such as invoices, shipping and receiving materials, and purchase orders, can enter your organization via email, mail, and fax. Treeno streamlines the AP matching process and provides real-time visibility. Users can efficiently file documents in the Treeno repository and make them easily viewable in electronic folders. By seamlessly integrating with your accounting or ERP application, Treeno allows users to file and retrieve Accounts Payable documents with a single click.

Engineering Design Change Management

Treeno EDM manages design drawings. With Treeno versioning change management can be reported on by user and date and time. Groups can be notified of change with link and access to the file.

Standard Operating Procedure Management

Treeno EDM provides an audited version change management solution for standard operating procedures. Treeno notification solution allows groups to be notified when changes have been made. Workflow reports track on authenticated user sign off for review and acceptance.

Quality Assurance and Control

Treeno EDM allows you to control your documentation, process through corrective actions plans, manage all documents and audit on all aspects. Treeno versioning control, electronic sign off and auditing helps you to

Integrated Customer and Vendor Portals

The Treeno EDM solution seamlessly integrates with your client and vendor portals and allows users with appropriate permissions to access financial documents in an authenticated and secure environment. Treeno also provides a publishing portal to allow selected documents to be securely viewed by an external party. Access to the Treeno publishing portal is audited and tracked via the Treeno audit table.

Client File and Project Management

Treeno EDM helps manufacturing companies manage all their clients’ business documents, including projects, contract, change orders, project plans, and correspondence. Treeno eliminates the need for document duplication by providing authorized users with access to client support files from any location through a secure audited viewer.

Vendor Contract Management

Managing and renegotiating vendor contracts can be a time consuming, daunting task. Let Treeno EDM help you manage the renewal process. Leverage Treeno tools to report on contract expiration, renewal, and renegotiation time lines. With Treeno’s versioning capability, you can track changes to a contract, including who made each modification and when.

Document Retention Policy and Process
Managing the quantity of client and business documents is challenging enough without adding the laborious task of managing the document retention policies specific to each document type. You can simplify retention and purging processes using business rules defined by your organization. Rules can be as simple as, “If document exceeds seven years past date scanned, purge automatically,” or as complex as, “Based on the document type, Status field, and Time Beyond Date field, notify authorized user to view prior to purge.” Mitigate your risk by establishing your retention policy and automating the process.



Treeno EDM solutions assists manufacturing companines with a variety of compliance initiatives, including:


  • Security Exchange Commission (SEC)
  • Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA)
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

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