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Property and Casualty (P & C), life and health, and employee benefits insurance organizations around the world improve customer service, increase productivity, and simplify regulatory compliance with Treeno Electronic Document Management (EDM) Solutions

Insurance agencies and companies of all sizes often struggle with real-time access to client documentation when operating many locations. Treeno Electronic Document Management (EDM) solutions can help your organization provide high-quality customer service while lowering your operational expenses by enabling authorized users to access client support materials instantly
regardless of department or location.

Your company processes hundreds, if not thousands, of physical paper documents each day, including client applications, policies, endorsements, declarations, cancellations and reinstatements, claims and financials. You need an easy-to-use, yet powerful document management system that helps you to access, manage, and share those documents with your clients, carriers, and claims processing organizations. With Treeno EDM, authorized customer service representatives and producers will have one- click access to the client documentation.

Insurance Organizations Rely on Treeno EDM to:

  • Integrate with existing business applications for one-click automated filing, search and retrieval
  • Reduce error and omissions (E&O) exposure
  • Provide document workflow automation (DWA) tracking and accountability for improved internal productivity and customer service, including policy underwriting and claims processing
  • Simplify access to documents by providing secure mobile access to information anytime, anywhere
  • Eliminate the need for document duplication by providing authorized users with access to client support files from any location through a secure audited viewer
  • Eliminate storage and courier costs by scanning and electronically routing client information
  • Decrease processing time and costs, enhance customers’ experience
  • Simplify and reduce operational expenses associated with third-party audits
  • Streamline and automate document retention and destruction processes with custom business rules
  • Track missing files through Treeno compliance reports and reduce risk and exposure

Treeno Electronic Document Management Solutions for Insurance Agencies and Companies

Application Integration with Insurance Software for One-Click Client Document Filing and Retrieval

Treeno EDM seamlessly integrates with your current agency, client, and policy management systems for one-click filing and retrieval of documents. This allows you to decrease claims processing time and costs while enhancing your customers’ experience. The Treeno Document Management system seamlessly integrates with several insurance business applications, including AMS Sagitta, AMS 360, AMS AFW, Special Agent, Applied TAM, and Applied Epic. With just a single click, users can retrieve filed documents as well as automatically file, name, and link documents to client transactions within your insurance application.

Property and Casualty Personal Lines and Commercial Lines Organizations


The Treeno EMD system seamlessly integrates with patient information and finance applications such as Profiler. With just a single click, you can retrieve filed documents and automatically file, name and link documents to patient transactions within your patient and finance application.


Life and Health


Agencies of all sizes manage hundreds of pages of support documentation association with life, disability, accidental, and medical insurance policies and claims. Treeno helps manage applications, policies, reinsurance, enrollments, claims, and client correspondence. Treeno EDM solutions provide a secure place to centrally store the client information so that authorized personnel can view the same files at the same time without having to make copies.

Policy Underwriting and Claims Processing


Insurance organizations are challenged by managing the information, people, and procedures specific to policy underwriting and claims processing. Leveraging Treeno’s document workflow automation, you can notify, track, and report on your processes. With Treeno workflow business intelligence, organizations can maximize resources by identifying bottlenecks and level loading resources.


Workload Management


Treeno document workflow automation and inbox reporting tools allow you to identify unprocessed work. Management can easily identify bottlenecks, level load work, and streamline processes with Treeno’s document workflow.


Email Storage


Most businesses face the challenge of managing all the documents that arrive via email or electronic fax. This information often needs to be printed and stored in client files so that it can be accessed by all parties, including customer service representatives and producers. Treeno provides simple drag-and-drop functionality that links a Microsoft® Outlook® email to a client, policy, or claim record and automatically inputs the To, From, Subject, and Date information from the message. And with Treeno’s powerful filter and search capability, you can easily find the linked email.


Integrated Customer and Vendor Portals


The Treeno EDM solution seamlessly integrates with your client and vendor portals to allow users with appropriate permissions to access their documents in an authenticated and secure environment. Treeno also provides a publishing portal to allow selected documents to be securely viewed by an external party. Access to the Treeno publishing portal is audited and tracked via the Treeno audit table.


Document Retention Policy and Process


Managing the quantity of client and business documents is challenging enough without adding the laborious task of managing the document retention policies specific to each document type. You can simplify retention and purging processes using business rules defined by your organization. Rules can be as simple as, “If document exceeds seven years past date scanned, purge automatically”, or as complex as, “Based on the document type, Status field, and Time Beyond Date field, notify authorized user to view prior to purge”. Mitigate your risk by establishing your retention policy and automating the process.


Treeno’s EDM insurance solutions help you stay in compliance with SEC, Sarbanes, and HIPAA regulations by providing secure, audited, and unalterable access to financial and medical records that must remain secure for years. Every state government mandates that all insurance transaction records be maintained for up to seven years, while archives need to be kept for offers of additional coverage for long periods to guard against E&O liability. Treeno customers can virtually eliminate any possibility that documents stored in their system will be altered without detection, ensuring undisputed authenticity of records. And, integrated notification capabilities inform users when relevant content within the repository is updated. Disaster recovery is also greatly improved, as items previously managed via fax, mail, and other paper means are now stored in the Treeno repository. With Treeno EDM, documents of all types can be backed up in a secure fashion and are protected from theft, accidental loss, and destruction.