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Healthcare organizations around the world are increasing productivity and improving customer service quality with Treeno Electronic Document Management and Workflow Management

Healthcare organizations of all types and sizes face intense economic, regulatory and competitive pressures. Organizations must find efficient ways to satisfy these requirements while keeping costs to a minimum and maintaining their accreditations.

To maintain a competitive advantage, organizations must deliver high quality patient care while lowering operational costs. The typical office handles tens of thousands of documents and images each year requiring the allocation of physical space to store patient charts, patient information forms, insurance claim forms, explanation of benefits, treatment authorization forms, HR materials, and more. The majority of this information is handled through inefficient, manual processes. The requirement is for an easy-to-use yet powerful, integrated document and workflow management system that enables healthcare providers to store, access, manage, and share critical documents across a broad range of functions, departments and locations.

Healthcare organizations rely on Treeno Document Management to:

  • Provide simultaneous access to patient information across the provider enterprise
  • Enable productivity tracking and accountability, ensuring turnaround requirements are always met
  • Provide faster response to patient and provider inquiries
  • Reduce paper, paper storage, photocopying, and faxing costs
  • Streamline compliance driven documentation requirements including HIPAA
  • Improve operational efficiency with minimal disruption
  • Improve information security and document integrity
  • Allow multiple users to view files simultaneously
  • Reduces costs associated with paper EOB storage
  • Increase sales and improve customer service quality

Treeno Electronic Document Management Solutions for Healthcare Organizations

HL7 Interface – Admission Process

Treeno EDM can interface with Healthcare Information Systems via an HL7 Interface. Upon entry of a patient admittance into applications like Meditech, a patient record will automatically be added to Treeno’s secure folder structure. Treeno will produce a patient barcode routing sheet which will allow the file to be scanned directly to the patient file.

Application Integration with Patient Information Systems

The Treeno EDM system seamlessly integrates with patient information and finance applications such as Profiler. With just a single click, you can retrieve filed documents and automatically file, name and link documents to patient transactions within your patient and finance application.

Patient Record Archive and Retrieval

Treeno simplifies the archiving process by uploading patient information data directly into Treeno to automatically create patient folders. By leveraging Treeno document specific barcodes, filing of older patient files can be automated without requiring the scan processor to have to manually code the file. Treeno document type bar codes can separate the patient files into sections to allow for document types to be secured as well as allow authorized users easier access to specific files for retrieval.

Billing and Finance

Store financial documents linked to your financial application for one-click retrieval and filing. Explanation of benefit can be accessed and stored. Treeno EDM provides audited, secured financial transaction management.

Policy and Procedure Management

The challenge for many healthcare organizations is managing the notification and signoff process for policy and procedure changes. With Treeno EDM, version tracking will allow administration to track company policies, reflect changes and document the date and time of change. With Treeno workflow notification, users associated with the policy can be notified of policy revisions. Policy change acknowledgement helps to protect healthcare organization from suits and penalties.

Jayco Correction Action Management

Let Treeno manage your corrective action activities following an audit. Treeno can upload the corrective management file to automatically add each activity. Each activity can be assigned to a user or department. Treeno reports can provide real time visibility to completed and non completed task. Communication on what was done to correct the action can be tracked and reported on as well. Treeno can help you to maintain your accreditation by making sure no activity is overlooked.

Vendor Contract Management

Managing and renegotiating vendor contracts can be a time consuming, daunting task. Let Treeno EDM help you manage the renewal process. Leverage Treeno tools to report on contract expiration, renewal, and renegotiation time lines. With Treeno’s versioning capability, you can track changes to a contract, including who made each modification and when.

Document Retention Policy and Process

Managing the quantity of client and business documents is challenging enough without adding the laborious task of managing the document retention policies specific to each document type. You can simplify retention and purging processes using business rules defined by your organization. Rules can be as simple as, “If document exceeds seven years past date scanned, purge automatically,” or as complex as, “Based on the document type, Status field, and Time Beyond Date field, notify authorized user to view prior to purge.” Mitigate your risk by establishing your retention policy and automating the process.


Treeno EDM solutions assists healthcare organizations with a variety of compliance initiatives, including:

  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
  • Security Exchange Commission (SEC)
  • Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA)
  • Sarbanes Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX)