Graduating from an elementary school to middle school or from middle school to high school is a big move for students on IEPs and their families. For school districts still relying on paper student records and files, that transition can be an even bigger deal as the student’s educational record transitions with him or her. The same is true for students moving intra-district from one school to another during the school year.

Busy school office administrators simply want that process to go smoothly; students and their families are depending on the school system to make sure the IEP records transfer happens securely. If a paper file is misplaced or isn’t secured properly during transit, school office or district office staff can be left trying to recreate records and may face consequences. Fortunately, there’s a better way: Treeno Software’s Electronic Document Management (EDM) solution.

Manage, Track and Transition Student IEP Portfolios Quickly and Easily

Your students’ IEP records include vast amounts of information and paper documentation. If your school district is still using paper files, it can be a time-consuming exercise to locate and retrieve a manila folder, photocopy the records inside and send them through a secure courier service or digitize them to send securely electronically to a para-professional in another building/school. This process comes with both a time and resource cost as well as fixed expenses for printing, reproduction and courier fees.

There’s an easier way for school districts that use Treeno Software’s EDM solution. The system administrator simply needs to ensure that the para-professional or other school district employee has the correct systems authorizations allowing them to access the student’s electronic documents.

If a student moves to another school during the school year, or transitions to middle school or high school at the end of the academic year, granting access rights to authorized educators and para-professionals at the new school is simple and can be done electronically in just minutes. At the same time, access can be turned off for educators at the student’s old school if they no longer have a need to access the student’s IEP records.

Discover How Electronic Document Management Can Improve Security and Efficiency for Student IEP Records and More

Public and private school districts of all sizes are increasingly turning to electronic document management solutions to enhance security and control the flow of IEP records and other information between schools, as well as to manage voluminous student, employee and financial records.

Treeno Software’s EDM solution integrates with existing student information, human resources, financial and IEP management systems to create efficiencies while reducing the hassle, time and expense that comes with managing paper documents.

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