Onboarding New Clients – Automating and Managing Interactions Throughout the Client Lifecycle

As any organization knows, landing a new client account is just one step in the client relationship. Managing what can sometimes be a significant volume of account documents and paperwork takes effort. Fortunately, for organizations that choose to leverage electronic document storage and automated workflow solutions, it’s easy to stay on top of deliverables and action items. This, in turn, can help you manage interactions throughout the client lifecycle.

Treeno Software’s Electronic Document Management (EDM) solutions can help organizations capture, secure and retain all of the documents needed to manage clients’ projects – from start to finish.

Automating Client Onboarding Means Consistent, Repeatable Processes

One of the biggest benefits organizations can realize from implementing EDM solutions is the standardization of the new client onboarding process.

Rather than different staffers each taking their own approach, onboarding using automated workflows means everyone does it the same way. Contracts, job specifications, billing records and more can be set up using automation. The business benefits because things are done the same way, every time – regardless of who in the company was involved in bringing the client onboard.

Management can review real-time reports at any time showing where client and prospect accounts are in the business pipeline and can easily identify and address unnecessary process delays.

Secure Document Storage

Implementing EDM also means the security integrator can be confident in its own document storage security. Rather than relying on paper-based records, Treeno’s customers have easy access to secure, electronic files, indexed so records can be located quickly and easily at a later date.

Treeno’s EDM also integrates seamlessly with many existing CRM and other database tools, so users don’t need to learn an entirely new system.

Ensure Nothing Falls Through the Cracks

Using EDM solutions can help organizations ensure that defined processes are followed and that nothing inadvertently slips through the cracks. Processes and workflows are fully auditable, so managers can review activity at any time and use the results to recognize or coach employees, as appropriate.

Improved Service Throughout Client Relationship

While implementing electronic records and automated workflows unquestionably helps organizations, there’s also a very real benefit for the company’s clients. Because account managers have ready access to information at their fingertips, service levels go up.

When a client contacts the company with a question, account managers and customer service personnel may be able to answer it right away without the delays and inefficiencies that can come from having to retrieve and review paper files.

Better service can make clients more loyal which can lead to more referrals.

Short-Term and Long-Term Cost Savings Benefits

Leveraging electronic records and automated workflow technology benefits the company’s bottom line.

Transitioning from paper to electronic records brings “hard” cost savings, cutting down on the amount of paper, toner, file folders, and storage space the company needs. In addition, automated workflows make workers more efficient, eliminating inefficient, time-consuming processes and delays.

Treeno’s EDM Solution Helps Organizations Manage Clients and Accounts

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