Olympia School District Leverages Treeno Software’s Document Management Solutions to Create Efficiencies

After a flood jeopardized paper documents and records stored in the basement of the original administration building for the Olympia, WA school district, administrators knew they needed a digital solution to retain those records.

Treeno Software’s electronic document management solution has enabled the district to ensure its records will continue to be available for future generations of administrators, teachers and students, and has allowed the district to improve its responsiveness to document requests and inquiries.

The Challenge

As a major school district located in the state’s capital city, Olympia School District is faced with managing records and information for approximately 9,400 students and 1,200 staff members spread across 19 campuses.

In addition to needing a digital archival solution after experiencing lost records due to floodwaters, the district also needed to be able to respond promptly and efficiently when notified of potential legal action.

The Situation

While the district knew they needed a digital solution for their records, they didn’t have a vision for how to organize the more than 26 million records they needed digitized.

Before learning about the benefits Treeno could provide, the district first worked with another provider who scanned their records. Without a plan (or the capability) to organize or index those records the way the district wanted to, however, they soon realized they needed more robust capabilities.

The Solution

After implementing Treeno’s document management solution, the benefits were immediately apparent.

First, Treeno allowed the district to organize its documents and records in one place, making it easier for principals, teachers and other authorized personnel to access the information they need.

The document management and workflow solution also interfaces with existing line-of-business applications. This gives the district the ability to automatically create folders and sub-folders using data that’s already in their other systems. It also creates efficiencies when working in other systems.

For example, by integrating with the district’s student information system. Skyward, finance and HR, users can simply click a button in that system to access the relevant and related files stored in Treeno’s document management system. This saves time and energy, and allows users to continue using their existing core systems just as they’ve always done, while giving them the ability to get support files quickly and easily when needed.

Implementing Treeno’s solution has also provided detailed auditing and reporting capabilities, helping the district ensure compliance with HIPAA and other applicable regulations.

The Result

Users have overwhelmingly adopted Treeno’s document management and workflow capabilities, continuing to propose new uses and suggesting new forms and processes that could leverage the system.

It’s easy for administrators, teachers and other authorized users to see the value in automating processes and digitizing records.

Treeno has worked with the Olympia School District to customize and implement unique solutions designed to identify and address complexities and potential issues districts of this size can face, providing a non-traditional solution designed to evolve with the district as its needs change.

The Long-Term Benefits

Olympia School District expects that Treeno’s document management and workflow solutions will continue to allow it to be more effective and efficient in day-to-day administration. By digitizing and recording records such as bus notes and student attendance notes, staff can respond quickly to any questions and even stave off potential legal action.

The system’s workflow capabilities have already had a major positive impact on district administration, who expect those benefits to continue long-term. For example, before implementing Treeno’s solutions, requests for travel authorization could be tied up for weeks or months in a paper-based routing and approval process. Today, those requests can be submitted, tracked, routed to designated approvers and finalized in short order, with just a few mouse clicks. This creates transparency into the process and can eliminate the frustration that came with waiting for a request to make its way through the required channels manually.

District administration expects to continue its relationship with Treeno Software indefinitely, leveraging the system’s long-term document storage, digital warehouse, and workflow management solutions to meet the district’s needs.


Justin Lanting, Business Manager with the Olympia School District, shared some of his thoughts about why the school district’s move to Treeno’s document management solution has been such a positive change.

“Treeno has truly been a change-agent, providing Olympia School District the security that comes from knowing our documents will be preserved and archived, safe from future floods or other natural disasters. At the same time, we now have routing and other workflow capabilities we didn’t know we needed but now drive more efficient, effective processes.”

Justin also praised the Treeno team: “The personalized service and attention we’ve gotten from Treeno has been phenomenal. When we’re considering implementing something new, I know I can count on Treeno to help me identify and evaluate and address potential roadblocks, so new forms, workflows or processes are put in place only after fully understanding them.”

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