As the Novel Coronavirus epidemic has turned our world upside down, millions of employees have moved their offices into their homes. As we have made these moves, employees’ stress levels have heightened as they are forced to balance their personal space, family responsibilities, and work in the same footprint, the home many share with their spouse, children, and or animals. Often, these employees are setting their offices up in a common area where disruptions may happen as they are conversing with clients, vendors, and peers.

We have had the privilege to listen to customers, vendors, and peers embrace the realness of our lives and our families as we continue to support our valued business relationships. The nice thing is that these disruptions are often a two-way street, and we can all smile at the normalcy of a dog barking, a child giggling or birds chirping in the background of an ‘important call.’ As the stress and anxiety of the country have increased, humanity and generosity have shined through. As we continue to come together to combat this virus, look out for one another, be kind, be patient, and we will all get through this together.

There is plenty of technology that makes a move from brick and mortar establishments to 100% remote workforce seamless. What we have seen in the last few weeks is that it’s not only the strength of the technology solutions being used that make an organization strong but also its employees. Resiliency, adaptability, positivity, communication, and understanding are vital when making such a transition. For nearly 20 years, Treeno Software has been helping clients by providing access to their files securely, anytime from anywhere. Treeno Software’s workflow functionality can even help automate complex routing and approval processes, regardless of where the approvers reside.

Remote working is not easy. While Treeno Software can’t create an interruption-free space in your new remote digs, we can ensure that when you do have a chance to breathe and handle your business, everything you need will be there for you.

  • We make files easy to find
  • We make review and approval processes seamless with workflow automation and intelligent form technology
  • We make security a worry of the past and transparency and automation your new norm
  • We make you feel valued and supported

Whether you are a major financial institution, a K-12 school district, a logistics giant, or the average small business down the road, you can rely on Treeno Software for availability, dependability, and reliability.

Please contact Treeno Software to discuss how we can help you overcome your business-related challenges. Our skilled team of developers, project managers, and solution experts are fully invested in our customers’ success and are adept at implementing tailored solutions quickly for organizations of all kinds.

Remote work is not easy, but if we can cut each other some slack and ‘come together, alone,’ we will come out on the other end stronger. From our Treeno Software family to you and yours, we wish you health, love, and happiness. Stay Strong!