Handling the contract management process is now easier than ever, thanks to the integration between Treeno Software’s Electronic Document Management (EDM) solution and SIGNiX, a trusted provider of digital signature software.

Now, rather than a time-consuming process, fraught with the potential for errors and missteps, contract management is seamless – from initial document creation through retention and renewals.

Manual Contract Management Processes Can Lead to Problems

Under the traditional way of obtaining contract approval and managing agreements, documents would be routed to signers individually to be printed, signed, forwarded for the next signature, and ultimately filed either in paper files or scanned and maintained in an electronic folder. Even with SIGNiX’s top competitor who offers electronic signature options, documents must still be forwarded to the company for manual filing and recording.

Neither way of doing things is ideal, as either can be a labor-intensive process. Parties responsible for signing the agreement, as well as those responsible for shuttling and shepherding the documents through the approval and retention process, can make mistakes. If a document is unwittingly routed to the wrong person or department, it can create significant delays that can impact the parties’ business relationship. With processes that rely on paper documents, there is also always the chance that documents will be misfiled. This can create problems when a document needs to be retrieved or when it’s time to renew a contract.

EDM and SIGNiX: Contract Creation, Distribution and Automation

Using EDM and SIGNiX, the entire contract management process has been streamlined. With Treeno’s EDM tool, users can automatically send out contracts, agreements, or other documents requiring acknowledgement using SIGNiX.

Recipients can review the documents electronically, although they can still choose to print them if they prefer to do so. When a party is ready to sign a document sent with EDM and SIGNiX, they will find that their information has already been pre-filled in the signature section, and they only need to follow a simple process to securely sign the document. Treeno’s EDM solution can take data from web forms and use that information to pre-populate the contracts, actually initiating the process without any human intervention.

After the first party is done signing the agreement, the document is automatically routed using predefined workflows. After all parties to the agreement have signed, the document is routed for processing and retention. There is no need for the recipient company to print, scan or manually file anything. The risk that a document will become lost in transit or will be routed to the wrong person’s desk is virtually eliminated using automated workflows. Automation in the document management space is a game changer, saving time and money, lowering risk, and improving the end-user experience for internal and external customers.

Explore How Automated Signatures and Workflows Can Benefit Your Organization

If your organization is still relying on manual signatures for contracts and agreement, or if you are using another document signature tool that does little more than capture electronic signatures, you owe it to yourself to explore how implementing EDM with SIGNiX and automated workflows can benefit your company, its employees, and business contacts in significant, positive ways.

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