As an independent wealth management firm, you know nothing compares to providing your clients with solid, one-on-one communication and a personalized, friendly interaction each time they call. However, as a busy advisory firm, you also know that time really does equal money. With the use of an integrated and automated system, your firm can achieve both.

Haven’t Yet Moved Towards Integrated Technology and Automation?

Your firm could soon be alone in not taking the step towards integrated client document management. Not doing so will ultimately cost your business. If you lack a truly automated, accessible platform to link your advisors to their clients’ documents, you are missing key operational efficiencies, limiting your company’s productivity, and even reducing the level of satisfaction your clients have. High customer satisfaction is necessary for maintaining your current customer base while giving you the opportunity for growth based on referral business.

How are you missing out?

A unified, seamless wealth management platform with integrated client document management can change the way your firm operates, providing for multiple connection points and outstanding communication improvements. Your portfolio is evolving. Your client base is changing. They demand improved efficiencies and a higher level of hands-on support. Even with increasing demands, your time remains limited. An integrated document management system will provide your firm with instant access to your client information so that you can respond quickly and accurately to your clients’ needs.

Linking Each Component of Your Organization Saves Time

By working within a system that links your company’s documents to your client management system, your firm will save time, enhance security and reduce errors. Now, with an integrated system, each team member can handle accessing documents instantaneously without having to get up from their desk to retrieve the client’s paper file. It also allows for multiple people in the organization to review the same file at the same time regardless of their location. This allows for better communication within the advisory team without the administrative overhead of having to reproduce and distribute the file. With these platforms linked within your CRM system, it no longer matters which role the employee holds. He or she can easily communicate with clients or other employees. There’s no delay in moving between platforms. It’s seamless and simplistic.

Automation Strengthens Firms

Automation helps to keep your experienced team members doing tasks that require human interaction – such as working directly with your clients. Most importantly, it strengthens your business at its core. Automation eliminates the need for administrative tasks of access, copying, distribution and refiling. Automation saves time and money and allows your advisors to better service your clients.

It Streamlines Customer Communications

In many wealth management firms, one thing rings true more than anything else. Every client wants to know they are your most important client. How can you achieve this in an integrated, automated system? You deliver messages routinely without having to spend employee time to do it.

  • Your client calls in and would like to review their file; an integrated solution will provide real-time access all information and client documentation from their computer, laptop or phone. Changes occur within your client’s account. The system allows an employee to navigate information quickly between systems and sends a message to the client of the changes as needed.
  • An event occurs in the investment portfolio that triggers a compliance concern. Your team can receive information quickly, navigate that concern effortlessly, and reassure the client automatically that they have protection.

With a truly automated and integrated system, like that offered by CRM solutions integrated with Treeno Software, automation for wealth managers/financial advisors becomes effective. It’s possible to bring together key applications – from task tracking to document handling – to achieve better efficiency. And, with a fully automated system like this, every component is accessible remotely, empowering your team to create better support for your clients.