As demand for public services grows, state and local governments are under increasing pressure to deliver those services in a timely and cost-effective manner. Implementing technology tools that compliment and interface with existing systems allowing the IT department to support other key divisions and services. Treeno’s Electronic Document Management Solution helps make service delivery scalable for a growing population while creating efficiencies for users and constituents alike.

Electronic Forms Meet a Variety of Needs

Using a paper-based system for forms and approvals is simply inefficient. Whether it is a form requesting a building permit, a sign-up form for a public educational event or class, a picnic shelter reservation form, a public works request or an internal HR or accounting form (expense reimbursements, travel request, etc.), that form needs to be shuttled from point A to point B, and sometimes from there to points C or D. Paper forms can be lost or misplaced or often wind up buried in an approver’s inbox.

Switching to an electronic forms solution eliminates those risks. State and local governments who use Treeno Software’s Electronic Document Management solution can create custom forms for a variety of uses. Behind the scenes, those forms follow predefined workflow paths from start to finish.

Predefined Workflows Ensure Processing Consistency

When a user completes a form and submits it electronically, it is automatically routed to the correct area and person. If multiple approvals are required, or if the form gets routed differently based on information contained within the form, it can be routed automatically to the appropriate area. This can greatly improve service delivery and turnaround times.

Using electronic forms and workflows also means those forms are available with just a few mouse clicks when needed. No more filing paper records or searching through dingy file rooms to find a document later.

Metrics Can Improve Future Service Delivery

Another benefit of using electronic forms for state and local government services is that they can provide you with key metrics about the services you provide. If you need to know how many permit applications or public works requests you’ve received, there’s no need to manually tally anything. You can see statistics and generate reports that can help support and justify budget requests.

Workflows can also help department leaders identify if there is a backlog of forms awaiting action in the system and if so, to redirect resources to address the backlog appropriately.

Treeno Software’s Enterprise Document Management Solution Can Improve Workflow and Delivery Times

Demand for services and for technology solutions to support those services is growing exponentially. Implementing Treeno EDM can support your state or local government, and electronic forms and workflows can be used across government departments.

In addition to making it easier and more secure to provide electronic copies of documents to various groups of users, Treeno EDM also reduces process inefficiencies through custom workflows designed to meet your specific needs. To learn more about Treeno EDM, contact us today.