Government offices at the state and local level need to make certain information accessible to the public while being good stewards of taxpayer funding. As our society increasingly relies on digital tools for communication and information, there is a growing public expectation that government public records will also be digitized and available with the click of a mouse.

Treeno Software’s Electronic Document Management Solution provides an enterprise-wide solution that helps state and local governments move away from paper-based and manual processes. Treeno Electronic Document Management, Treeno EDM, improves response and turnaround times for the delivery of public records and public services and creates process and audit efficiencies – all in a cost-effective manner.

Downloadable Tools and Prebuilt Templates Mean Faster, More Efficient Services

Providing any public service involves a lot of moving parts. Moving to an electronic process will not remove steps from the process (unless it makes sense to do so), but will improve delivery times and quality.

For example, if a constituent wants to apply for or renew an existing business license or apply for a liquor license, he or she can complete a customized form and submit it electronically. The form can be structured to require certain information before it is submitted, reducing instances of receiving incomplete applications.

Once submitted, that form is instantly routed to the appropriate department or division within your government for review and approval. If needed, it can be routed to others for subsequent steps in the process.

Handling the entire process digitally can remove the need to print, disseminate, sign, and file paper records. Not only does this reduce clutter and space in government offices; it also reduces the likelihood of paper being misdirected or misfiled.

Easier Access to Public Information and Records

Treeno EDM makes it easier to disseminate public meeting agendas and related materials, to share public notices and to solicit public comments.

Documents and records are digitized and indexed and government users can assign different access levels for different types of documents. Public users can access certain records and documents through the internet using desktop computers or mobile devices in just minutes, rather than having to go to the government office in person.

For public notices and approvals, Treeno EDM can be used to solicit, capture, organize and maintain public comments. This can help improve transparency and can help ensure comments submitted on paper are not lost in the shuffle.

Finally, using Treeno EDM can also make internal government functions simpler by automating processes such as committee reviews, contract approvals, agenda item approvals and more.

Replace Disparate Imaging Systems with One Enterprise Solution

Because Treeno EDM integrates with existing databases and systems, it is a user-friendly and intuitive solution that can be used across departments and divisions within state and local governments. This functionality improves user adoption rates and can make collaboration and information sharing simple and fast.

To learn more about how Treeno EDM can improve public service deliverables and timeliness, and how it can facilitate public records access, contact us today.