The Importance of Document Management in Manufacturing

Manufacturers must constantly evaluate their business and operations, benchmarking performance to that of the competition. In a world of growing technological advances and a shrinking global economy, the pressure to operate efficiently has never been greater.

Implementing an electronic document management solution with automated workflows can help manufacturers streamline back office operations by removing the human error component from the document management process, providing real time reports, and creating transparency for customers, vendors and managers alike.

Document Management Can Drive and Ensure Quality Standards

When your organization moves from a paper-based, manual process to an electronic document management solution, you’re getting more than just a place to house scanned copies of records like purchase agreements, invoices and contracts.

Treeno’s Electronic Document Management tool allows organizations to create customized and robust workflows. Those workflows can streamline back office functions by taking the worry and hassle out of tracking down and managing documents. When an invoice or contract needs to be reviewed by multiple areas of the company, the document management system’s workflows can automatically route an electronic copy to the next reviewer in the process.

The document management solution also gives manufacturers better control over their documentation, providing an ease of access that’s difficult to match and a built-in audit trail. With the ability to manage design drawings and notify individuals or groups with changes as appropriate, manufacturers can focus on what they do best without being bogged down by processing and routing paper.

Client and Vendor Access Provides Transparency

Manufacturers who choose Treeno’s Electronic Document Management solution can also stand apart from their competition when it comes to service for clients and vendors. The system was designed to integrate seamlessly with other technology applications and systems, including client and vendor portals.

Managing clients’ or vendors’ contracts and other business documents is intuitive and simple. This puts you in control of deciding what records or documents should be made available electronically to others outside your company who have a need to review those records. There’s no need for a staff member to pull paper files and spend hours in front of a photocopier; access to certain records can be turned on or off quickly and easily.

When it’s time to renew contracts or legal agreements, the document management system can also help by shepherding the contract through the review and renewal process. With the ability to create automatic reminders, there is less of a risk that a renewal date will come and go without action.

Improved Document Retention and Compliance Efforts

Treeno’s document management solution can also help your company stay in compliance by clearly identifying and organizing records that must be kept for regulatory compliance reasons or simply to comply with internal company policies.

The system can help you purge documents when they’re no longer needed, allowing users to create and manage “sunset dates” for certain documents or files.

Treeno Software Can Help Your Manufacturing Business Get to the Next Level

At Treeno Software, we understand the challenges manufacturing companies face. We’ve designed the Electronic Document Management solution to give manufacturers the support and insights they need to get – and stay – competitive. To learn more, contact us today.