Businesses often spend a lot of time planning business strategies, grooming future leaders for succession plans and anticipating potential roadblocks to the business’ future success. These are all important measures to ensure business continuity from a process and personnel standpoint. The same level of care and concern should be taken for important business documents to ensure that your files are protected from everyday threats and unexpected events as well. Disasters, whether natural or otherwise, can strike any business at any time. The harsh reality is that many businesses that experience unexpected disasters are never able to recover.

Treeno Software’s Electronic Document Management (EDM) solution can play an important role in your business continuity planning efforts. Using electronic documents and automated workflows means you’ll have seamless access to your important documents, records and processes no matter what happens. This, in turn, allows your business to continue serving customers and facilitates a quick recovery after a significant business disruption.

The Risk of Loss is Real (and Varied)

It’s tough to anticipate and control for every possible risk your company faces. Disasters can take many forms, including:

  • Cyberattacks. Security breaches and unauthorized systems intrusions represent a significant threat for businesses of any size. Inadequate information security efforts and storing electronic files in an insecure manner can make the risk of loss even greater.
  • Natural disasters. Disruptions can also be due to weather events like hurricanes, floods, earthquakes or damaging winds that make the business’ office inaccessible for hours, days, weeks or even longer.
  • Fires. Whether the result of an accident or arson, there is no question that fires can be extremely damaging. Even if paper records and files are not directly affected by flames, smoke damage and water from automated sprinklers or firefighters’ efforts can destroy documents.

Cloud-Based Storage Provides Ready Access When and Where You Need It

Businesses that use cloud-based electronic document management are still vulnerable to unscheduled disruptions. However, those businesses can rest easier knowing they have access to their customer records, business files and other important documents.

Even better, cloud-based document storage means authorized users can access their electronic records from any internet-connected device at any time. Even if a disaster means your employees cannot come into the office, you can be confident in your ability to access the information customer service representatives, accounting personnel and others need to do their jobs.

Automated Workflows Allow Critical Business Processes to Continue

Another feature of Treeno Software’s EDM solution is the ability to create and use customized, automated workflows. After a disaster, your automated workflows can help you continue to meet both internal and external customers’ needs by ensuring processes continue as scheduled.

There is no need to worry about paper records sitting on someone’s desk waiting for approval because the forms and associated approval process are automated.

Treeno Software’s EDM solution can help your organization prepare for whatever comes its way

None of us know exactly what the future has in store. Leveraging the capabilities of electronic document management and automated workflows can help your organization put a proactive business continuity plan in place and be well-prepared if disaster strikes.

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