HR File Management and Retention Made Easy with Document and Workflow Management Solution

Complying with state employment laws, Department of Labor (DOL) regulations, ERISA mandates, and other federal laws is not optional for your company’s human resources department. Additionally, it can be a challenge to stay on top of all of the required documents and records you need to create and maintain for HR compliance. Using document management and workflow solutions can help you manage your HR responsibilities, no matter how big or small your organization is today.

Fast, Secure Access to Records and Files

Your company’s human resources files contain a wealth of personal, non-public information about current and former employees. In a paper-based office, keeping those records secure and limiting access to only those with a business need to review the information means using locked file cabinets or dedicated file rooms. The amount of paper used in such a setting can be voluminous, and having to print, file, photocopy, and search for documents can be inefficient and time consuming.

When your organization uses an electronic document management solution, authorized users have access at their fingertips to all of the information they need, including resumes, references, and other application materials, W-4 and I-9 forms, performance review records, employee disciplinary history, and more.

Administrators can grant, restrict, or remove employees’ and managers’ access quickly and easily, helping limit potential breaches or unauthorized file access.

Automated Workflows Make Reviewing and Approving Records Quick and Easy

Using an electronic document management solution is about much more than a simple file and document repository. With powerful, customizable workflows, the system can allow your human resources department to operate more effectively and efficiently.

Automated workflows can be used to make the review and processing of any type of form or document faster and easier. Workflows can streamline tasks from job requisitions to termination checklists and everything in between.

Some companies use workflows to manage the expense reimbursement process or for reviewing and approving travel request forms from employees. Still others rely on workflows to manage the performance review process, routing performance appraisals between employees, their supervisors, upper level managers and human resources. Other uses include managing the dissemination of company policies and procedures, requiring employees’ sign off or certifications.

Workflows can help reduce the risk of costly errors in the distribution, review and approval processes for company HR documents and records. With a built-in audit trail, you can be confident your records are always ready for a DOL or state employment law audit.

Discover How Treeno Enterprise Document Management Can Streamline Your HR Function

Implementing an enterprise-quality document management solution is a smart move for your human resources department – and for your entire organization. Not only can a document management system give your employees the tools they need to function efficiently and in compliance with federal and state laws; it can also result in significant cost savings to your company.

Stop struggling to manage your company’s HR responsibilities using manual, paper-based processes. Discover the benefits Treeno Software’s Electronic Document Management solutions can provide. Contact us today at (800) 528-5005 to learn more.