Feel like you barely have time for anything at work? As any housing authority official can attest, managing documents for applicants, occupants, HCV, FSS, not to mention HR and Financial records is a never-ending battle. Keeping up with the volume of applications, inspections, recertifications, and other requests can be daunting. Housing Authorities may track documents using various practices and disparate tools, but, if you think about it, important documents are likely on shared networks, individual devices, stored as paper records in filing cabinets or bankers boxes. This, of course, leads to time wasted accessing documents, refiling documents, maneuvering documents amongst staff internally, and other files with applicants and occupants as ‘regular business.’  

With a shift to working remotely through the pandemic, accessing files and managing the business has become even more difficult. Whether your staff is working in the office, remotely, or a combination, Treeno Software can help save time, reduce the usage of and reliance on paper, enhance your security and disaster recovery capabilities, automate document retention and provide greater transparency around all documents and document-related processes.

Rather than reliance on paper documents which get lost, move slowly, and require a person to person handoff or items routed through email which can be lost in the email abyss, a centralized electronic workflow will move your forms from the tenant, directly into your office and through the applicable sequence of employees for review, approval, and execution based on the type of request and corresponding flow. This will provide transparency into all open tasks and assignments, allowing office managers to manage the people, documentation, and processes.  

Treeno has helped Housing Authorities to convert their paper files into electronic images quickly. These housing authorities have enjoyed supporting the business whether they are in the office or working remotely and have realized a significant reduction in their operation cost by providing immediate access to the documents they need. Let Treeno empower your team to be more efficient, secure, and prepared, regardless of your location. 

If you would like to learn how other Housing Authorities have leveraged their Care Funds to improve business processes and reduce their operation cost, please contact Treeno Software at www.treenosoftware.com/contact-us or call Ryan Jackson at 1(800) 528-5005 ext. 323.