From Hire to Retire: Leveraging Document Management Solutions to Improve HR Efficiency

No matter what industry you are in or how large your company or organization is, your Human Resources personnel have a big responsibility managing what can sometimes seem like a flurry of paperwork and records. Every company must comply with state and federal labor and employment laws, requiring certain documents to be retained throughout the employment cycle – and beyond in some cases.

Using Treeno Software’s Electronic Document Management (EDM) solutions can help your organization meet its legal obligations, streamline services for candidates and employees and help the bottom line by enhancing productivity and responsiveness. It will also decrease cost inherent to a paper based process.

Secure Document Storage Solution

Human Resources departments are entrusted with securing a significant amount of confidential information on candidates and employees, including social security numbers, background check information, compensation records and more. Keeping track of all of these records in a way that protects employees’ personal data is paramount.

Using an electronic document storage solution allows the company to easily secure sensitive information and forms while still making them available to authorized user’s with just a few mouse clicks. Granting or modifying access permissions is fast and easy, helping manage confidentiality while meeting labor and employment law requirements.

Create Efficiencies in the New Employee Onboarding Process

Onboarding new employees correctly and consistently is also made simple for companies that choose to leverage EDM solutions. Using document management means more than simply creating and retaining electronic records; it also comes with powerful workflow solutions designed to automate processes, making them faster and more reliable.

Simplified reporting means HR leaders can see real-time updates on where candidates and new employees are in the process, adjusting HR personnel as needed to optimize efficiency.

Streamline Annual Reviews

All types of organizations enjoy the benefits EDM solutions provide for the annual review process. Rather than creating paper-based review records that need to be passed from employees to supervisors and back again, EDM workflows automate each step of the process so it can be managed electronically.

If an employee or supervisor still needs to take action on a review form, the workflow can be designed to provide automatic reminders. When reviews are completed, the EDM solution stores the documents and records and provides easy access if they’re needed at a later date.

Improve Service for Existing Employees

Treeno’s EDM solutions also help the HR department provide faster, more reliable customer service to existing employees throughout the employment relationship. There’s no need for the HR department to pull an employee’s file and call them back when a question arises; electronic files can eliminate such time-wasting inefficiencies.

Companies can also choose to grant employees electronic access to certain documents and records, providing a “self-service” option that employees appreciate and that frees up Human Resource staffers’ time and energy.

Cut Down on Costly Printing, Filing and Storage Expenses

Organizations that choose to implement electronic document management tools typically find they realize measurable cost savings, in addition to improving back office staff efficiency.

Electronic records and workflows can significantly lower the amount companies spend on paper and toner, file cabinets and storage space. Even small companies can realize big cost savings in these areas.

Be Prepared for Internal or External Audits at All Times

Finally, any organization could be audited by the state or the Department of Labor. Proactive companies conduct periodic internal audits and tests of their systems to ensure they are in compliance with applicable laws.

Using an electronic document management solution can improve your organization’s readiness for an internal or external audit, providing valuable peace of mind for the company’s senior leaders.

Learn How Treeno’s EDM Solutions Can Help Your Human Resources Department Thrive

Implementing Treeno Software’s EDM solutions can create process efficiencies, improve internal customer service and help your organization meet its HR compliance obligations. To learn more, contact us today.