School office administrators and district personnel are charged with managing a variety of documents and records, including Individual Education Plan (IEP) records for students with special needs. At Treeno Software, we are proud to provide an Electronic Document Management system that can help school personnel manage and retain a high volume of IEP-related records.

In this blog post, we will address some of the most frequently asked questions about IEP documentation in schools. Please note that requirements may vary from state-to-state, so you should check with state or local agencies as needed if you have additional questions or need more clarification about IEP documentation requirements.

What Documents Make Up the Official School Record?

Your state law will identify what records are part of the mandatory student record, which generally includes the student’s identifying information, immunization records, grades, enrollment and attendance dates, and graduation or exit date.

For students with IEPs in place, schools must also maintain related health information, progress reports, restrictions, changes to the record, standardized testing results, 504 accommodation plans and treatment notes.

Do IEP Records Need to be Maintained in Paper Files?

No! While the traditional way of keeping all student records was to use file folders with printed documents, more and more school districts are recognizing the many benefits that come from using electronic documents instead. In addition to being a cost-effective way to organize records, electronic IEP files are also easy to share with other authorized personnel.

Of course, keeping students’ IEP records secure and confidential is key. Districts relying on paper files can struggle with keeping records under lock and key. In schools that have implemented an electronic document management solution, granting or restricting permissions involves just a few mouse clicks.

How Long Does the School Need to Maintain IEP Documents?

The type of student record and your state’s laws will dictate document retention requirements. Some special education records must be kept for at least three years after the student leaves the district. However, there may be different requirements for school-based Medicaid reimbursements.

Districts using Treeno Software’s Document Management solution only need to establish document retention rules once for each document type. Documents can either be automatically destroyed after the retention period has expired, or they can be routed to someone for review before being electronically shredded.

Do Electronic Communications Need to be Maintained in the IEP File?

In the event a legal matter arises related to the student’s IEP file, electronic communications can be subpoenaed, although email is technically only part of the student record if it includes personally-identifying information or is otherwise added to the student record.

Still Using Paper IEP Records? Find out For Yourself How Treeno’s Electronic Document Management Solution Can Make Managing EDP Records Easy, Secure and Cost-Effective

Managing IEP records using Treeno Software’s Document Management solution can save your school district time and money, while increasing efficiencies in busy school offices.

Implementing an electronic document management system can also help your school district manage financial records, student portfolios, vendor contracts, transcripts and much more.

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