Different departments or divisions within state and local government offices often need to share certain information with other groups. When each division or department uses a siloed, standalone system or relies largely on manual processes, sharing documents and records is cumbersome at best. Even if those various departments have digitized their documents and records, using disparate systems limits user’s ability to share files and records.

Implementing an electronic document management solution provides a cost-effective way to share information without the need for each group to maintain their document management systems. It can also streamline processes and increase efficiencies.

Protect Confidentiality Easily by Controlling Access Permissions

Sometimes, the desire to have separate and distinct document management solutions arises from concern about data privacy. While many state and local government records are intended for public consumption, others contain private or sensitive information that needs to be guarded. Using standalone systems can help ensure that privacy, however it does so at the expense of process efficiency.

Implementing Treeno Software’s Electronic Document Management (EDM) solution allows state and local government offices to share files quickly and easily with others who need to review information, without sacrificing confidentiality. Rather than using a blanket open-security protocol, Treeno EDM allows governments to configure access permissions, creating different levels of security for different users or different types of files.

Treeno EDM Integrates with Other Core Systems

Government offices rely on a variety of systems and tools on a daily basis, including state-specific databases, Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping, enterprise resource planning (ERP) tools and more.

Some technology providers offer government users the ability to digitize files, but access to digitized records requires users to switch to the provider’s system when they need to pull a file or review a document. Sharing documents with others in those types of solutions can be inefficient, requiring users to attach large files to email records or print and disseminate paper documents – the very thing government offices want to try to eliminate.

Treeno Software’s EDM solution allows state and government workers to access electronic copies of their documents and records and makes accessing those records simple. When a user is in a record in the GIS or ERP system, he or she can see related documents and pull digitized copies of those documents with just the click of a mouse. By integrating seamlessly with the existing systems and tools your government’s departments are already using, Treeno EDM complements those tools and enhances their functionality.

Automated Workflows Make It Easy to Share Scheduled Data

Finally, for documents and records that you routinely share with other departments on a scheduled weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis, you can automate delivery using Treeno EDM. Similarly, if certain types of documents need to routinely go through a review process, Treeno EDM can facilitate that review.

By establishing recipients and workflows ahead of time, you can automatically push reports or documents to designated personnel. This saves administration time and cost, and can help ensure documents and data are provided on schedule every time.

Improve Your Document Sharing Process with Treeno EDM

To learn more about Treeno EDM can create cost-efficiencies and improve processes for your state or local government office, contact us today.