It is no secret that K-12 schools generate a copious amount of paper on a daily basis. From the paper generated by students completing assignments to the paper work created by administrators, schools often have a hard time organizing documents. Fortunately, document management for K-12 can make everything easier thanks to proven software solutions.

How Can Software Improve Document Management For K-12 Schools?

Whether it is organizing important performance records or keeping track of transfer documents, the right solution, such as Treeno Software, can make it easier for schools to follow established document retention rules and guidelines. In fact, the top five benefits of using the right document management software include:

  • Achieve Instant Access To Data. — The trouble with paper files is that they take up valuable space and can be hard to sort through in a timely fashion. Document management software solutions eliminate the need for physical storage units, reduce the courier costs associated with scanning or electronically routing information, and reduce operational expenses. Additionally, the right software solution can help schools to keep centralized records for critical student, staff, administrative or school information. The information can be stored in a single digital repository that securely stores the information in easily categorized files.
  • Improve Accountability Via Automation. — Document Management software solutions increase accountability and improve internal productivity through document workflow automation. Administrators will be able to use one-click automated filing to securely search, save and retrieve records as needed. Additionally, customized business rules can be implemented to streamline document destruction and retention processes. Finally, administrators can automate and track the school’s grant writing process, so that important deadlines can be met and funding can be secured.
  • Increase Security With Document Monitoring Features. — The problem with a paper record is that anyone who has the key to the filing cabinet can review the record, put it back, and never be asked any questions. Document management software solutions add an additional layer of security. Only individuals with approved credentials can access the records. The software also tracks who enters, accesses, updates or processes files with a recorded time / date / user system log. Secure mobile access can also be granted to authorized users, so that the documents can be reviewed at the exact moment that they are needed.
  • Remove The Guesswork From Important Decisions. — It is no secret that countless important decisions are made at both staff and school board meetings. Electronic document management solutions make it easier for authorized people to review meeting minutes and access the information that they need to make the right decision. Through digital files, indexed information can be searched for in seconds to further streamline the decision making process. This same process can be used to improve customer service across all school departments, including enrollment services. With the help of electronic document management, administrators can more easily and accurately respond to student or parent questions, create a smoother application process, and ensure that all records are gathered without delay.
  • Comply With FERPA And HIPAA. — Schools have numerous regulations that they must comply with, including FERPA and HIPAA. Document management is greatly improved with the use of software solutions that can help schools abide by the regulations surrounding the privacy rights of students and parents. With electronic document management, schools can more easily monitor and conduct self-audits to ensure that records are being stored, reviewed, accessed and deleted in accordance with FERPA and HIPAA guidelines. This ability reduces the risk of fines or other severe penalties that can be enforced if a school is noncompliant.

Document Management For K-12 Is Improved With Treeno Software

The moral of the story is simple; if K-12 schools want to improve their document management capabilities, then they need to use a proven software solution, such as Treeno Software. Through Treeno Software’s document management solution, schools can increase record security, lower operational expenses, make informed decisions and comply with regulations.