Transparency is becoming increasingly important for state and local governments, both internally across different departments and agencies, and externally for members of the public. Using Treeno Software’s electronic document management solution can help facilitate and improve that transparency.

Here are just a few of the ways moving away from a paper-based system to an electronic document management solution can benefit state and local governments:

Compliance with Section 508

Section 508 of the United States Workforce Rehabilitation Act requires certain electronic documents to be available to people with disabilities. Using an electronic document management solution can help governments meet these requirements with easy section 508-compliant portals or public-facing kiosks.

Electronic document imaging and storage capabilities also allow state and local governments to easily make meeting agendas public for constituents to access. Other public documents such as permits, deeds and other public land records can also be digitized and indexed for ease of access and use.

Improved Response Time by Government Employees

Government offices and workers tend to be stereotyped as inefficient. When solely reliant on manual or paper-based processes, it’s easy to see why that perception might be held. With electronic document solutions and automated workflows, processes can be completely automated. Documents and requests follow a predefined path, being routed automatically from one step to the next, so there’s no risk of a paper request becoming buried on someone’s desk.

Some ways state and local governments have increased their process efficiencies include automating permit request and automating internal processes such as request forms.

Instant Access to Records Saves Time and Money

When documents are imaged, they’re also indexed for quick retrieval. This allows users to access stored documents and other files with just few mouse clicks. Treeno’s electronic document management system also integrates with existing systems and tools, so users can continue working in the databases or other systems they depend on, but still access digital records instantly.

Document Access Is Not Limited to Computer Terminals

In today’s fast-paced digital world, having digitized government documents available on desktop and laptop computers is nice and it certainly beats printing and storing paper files in an overcrowded file room. However, government workers frequently work off-site and need to be able to access records remotely.

With Treeno Software’s EDM solution, law enforcement officers, caseworkers, public works employees, city council members and others can access current records right from their smartphones or tablets, and can use automation features and pre-defined processes to submit reports or other records. This can improve the level of services these workers provide and can eliminate the need for time-consuming follow-up work when they return to the office. Having access to records electronically is also more secure than if workers were to carry paper files with them when meeting off-site.

Discover Why Government Organizations Choose Treeno EDM

These are just a few of the many reasons state and local government organizations choose Treeno Software’s EDM solution to digitize and manage their electronic records. To learn more, contact us today.