People, processes, and technology, these are the three critical elements of a properly run claims department. However, on their own, these elements aren’t enough to let you sleep soundly. Fortunately, with the addition of the following three qualities, your claims department can run smoothly and efficiently.

The 3 Must-Haves Your Claims Department Needs

Creating the glue needed to hold your claims department together is made easier when you have the following three entities.

  1. Gathering And Analyzing Metrics. — Without metrics your claims department is, to use an old phrase, “up a creek without a paddle.” Make sure that your claim system provides robust data that can be used to address the various needs of internal stakeholders. At the bare minimum, the right metrics should deliver the following results:
    1. Claims managers will have the data needed to analyze the handling and disposition of claims;
    2. Underwriters will have the information required to analyze client trends or activities; and
  2. Conducting Internal Audits. — Reviewing files is an essential task that can help claims departments run more efficiently. Through internal claim audits, you can ensure that best practices are being used, while simultaneously identifying strengths and weaknesses, as well as instances where service level agreement milestones were not effectively met. Remember to use this audit data to initiate process improvements that can benefit the entire claims department, while also ensuring that all actions are compliant.
  3. Ensuring Business Continuity. — Is your claims department ready for an unexpected disruptive event? Can your claims department manage, restore, and recover essential processes without losing valuable data? The answers to these questions should be a definitive “yes.” If, however, you are hesitant, then it is clear that you need to create a Business Continuity Plan for your claims department. This plan should include the following elements:
    1. A clearly defined team
    2. Uninterrupted access to required resources
    3. Continuous IT operations
    4. Guidelines for employee safety, as well as the protection of company resources
    5. Clearly established crisis communication protocols.
    6. Business practice of electronic replication and security of all business documents that are paper today

The Bottom Line: Remain Compliant And Improve Efficiencies

The right metrics, audits, and a business continuity plan, accompanied with carefully selected people, processes, and technologies can enhance the efficiencies of your claims department. To help your claims department remain compliant, while simultaneously increasing efficiencies, Treeno is proud to offer a proven software solution that streamlines document handling, leverages the power of single click access to support files, and provides accurate indexing. Don’t delay; remain compliant and help your claims department run more smoothly with the help of Treeno Software’s Integrated Document Management Solution.