MEDDATA Service Bureau (MEDDATA) and its sister company, MEDTRON Software Intelligence (MEDTRON) are tasked with handling voluminous amounts of information and documents on a daily basis. Needing a solution designed to help the organization keep pace with growing volume and remain competitive in their marketplace, MEDDATA/MEDTRON turned to Treeno Software for solutions.

The Challenge

With documents coming from multiple fronts and requiring interaction from multiple staff members, MEDDATA/MEDTRON knew relying on their existing computerized task assignment process was not an efficient, long-term solution. The Covington, LA-based provider of integrated Practice Management and Electronic Health Record solutions for medical practices had 3 staff members dedicated to assigning tasks to the next user in a workflow, while trying to ensure tasks were completed timely and tracked appropriately.

While the company had long since switched from a manual paper-based system to using electronic files, there was no automation in assigning tasks and shepherding them through the process. MEDDATA/MEDTRON’s assignment process was dependent on a human to move tasks between steps. This left room for the possibility of errors along the way.

Managing tasks without automation also meant work was not always processed in a “first in, first out” order. Work was assigned to employees each morning based on availability and perceived work capacity. This sometimes resulted in inefficiencies and on occasion, ”packs” of information may have been processed out of order.

The Situation

Evolving government health care mandates and industry complexities have changed the workload MEDDATA/MEDTRON faces every day. The company is constantly looking for ways to assess and “lean down” its processes, finding and creating efficiencies wherever possible. The reality is that the company needed a solution that would automate the assignment of day-to-day work, ensure work was completed as received, verify all designated steps were addressed and that staff resources were utilized to their fullest. Automating workflow assignments was the next logical step along that journey.

MEDDATA/MEDTRON groups information from clients into different packs, and each pack type follows a different workflow path from start to finish. Using Microsoft office tools to try to manage tasks was better than relying on paper processes. However, the system used to create the task was different than the system housing the packs which caused inefficiencies. Information was stored in various places making retrieval inefficient.

The Solution

MEDDATA/MEDTRON researched various solutions, balancing cost and value, before deciding to leverage Treeno Software’s Electronic Document Management solution and automated workflows. At the end of the day, one of the biggest factors in MEDDATA/MEDTRON’s decision was Treeno’s willingness to customize the workflow to meet MEDDATA/MEDTRON’s needs.

With some of the other contenders, workflows initially looked appealing, however they simply didn’t offer the functionality MEDDATA/MEDTRON and its employees needed, like dynamic routing and task assignment. Treeno was willing to partner with MEDDATA/MEDTRON to develop the functionality desired.

The company was pleased that Treeno offered a collaborative approach, customizing workflows and processes to meet MEDDATA/MEDTRON’s needs rather than merely offering an off-the-shelf product. For example, MEDDATA/MEDTRON needed the ability to create and use lookup tables that were simple enough for the firm administrator to manage and maintain assignments, while being seamless and intuitive for end users who didn’t need to understand the entire workflow.

MEDTRON also did not want to build custom workflows for each of the 20 to 30 pack types used to sort information and document types. Instead, they wanted a solution that allowed a single workflow that offered varying steps based on predefined parameters. Treeno understood, offering MEDDATA/MEDTRON a customized and dynamic workflow solution as an “add on” to the base workflow. Ultimately, Treeno provided a product designed to truly meet MEDDATA/MEDTRON’s needs.

The Result

MEDDATA/MEDTRON has experienced significant efficiencies and benefits from implementing Treeno’s solution. The new, dynamic workflow dictates where, and how, each pack is routed through the process. That workflow includes options to account for one-off scenarios. With the implementation of dynamic workflow, there was no longer a need for staff to do manual assignments therefore 3 staff members were free to assume other duties.

Workflow histories provide real-time tracking of document and workflow movements. Treeno’s workflows have also solved the “first in, first out” concern by leveraging electronic timestamp capabilities to present assignments in staff member’s workflow task list by creation date.

The Long Term Benefits

After implementing Treeno’s automated workflows and electronic document management solutions, workers no longer need to rely on separate manual tasks to route packs and documents from one step to the next. Automated workflows and connected systems mean everything is in one location and turnaround time is improved. There is no need for employees to prioritize tasks; the system does it for them.

In addition, MEDDATA/MEDTRON no longer needs three to four staff members to assign packs. Those workers have now been assigned to tasks that will use their skills more effectively, providing an immediate cost savings to the company.

MEDDATA/MEDTRON is constantly analyzing its workflows and processes, looking for ways to leverage automation to improve those processes. Partnering with Treeno has been a big help in this effort because Treeno understands “scripting” needs and worked to design and implement solutions designed to do what MEDDATA/MEDTRON needs them to do.

Finally, in addition to process and staffing improvements realized after implementing Treeno, MEDDATA/MEDTRON has also begun using Treeno’s workflow infrastructure in other areas of the business where they didn’t previously use workflows. Seeing the benefits of automating processes has led to increased value across the organization.


“We asked for a robust solution, and Treeno delivered,” said MEDDATA/MEDTRON’s General Manager, Tiffany Hawkins. “It’s a very functional solution with a lot of potential applications. We have worked with numerous software companies over the years and Treeno’s willingness to be flexible and think outside the box has been refreshing. We’ve pushed them, made some big “asks,” and they’ve stepped up to the plate to design solutions that truly meet our needs.”

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