Treeno Software’s enterprise document management (EDM) solution and consultative approach helped transform the Laconia Housing Authority (NH) from a sluggish, paper-reliant traditional office to a streamlined, pleasant workspace, void of paper and filing cabinets and all of the headaches associated with paper records.

The Challenge

Laconia Housing Authority was inundated with paper. The paper consumed their physical space. Accessing documents was a daily struggle as more and more paper came into the office, but very little was ever purged. Many times, employees would go to find a document or file folder, but it was already in use by someone else in the organization. The frustrating part was when documents were misfiled and could not be found at all. The volume of documents not only made the office look messy and unorganized, but it also increased the cost of conducting business. More time was spent looking for files, filing files, sharing files and approving files. With Laconia Housings’ paper-driven and paperwork-heavy process, an effective document management system was urgently needed.

The Situation

Laconia Housing Authority, LHA, offices were consumed with filing cabinets, folders and paper. These documents were accessed by everyone in the office and often times, multiple people would need access to the same file at the same time. Trying to find documents that were not in the filing cabinet would lead to delays in getting work done and frustration for the employees. To work through this challenge, employees would copy the file leading to increase cost of operations and even more paper.

Managing LHA’s paper documents through their lifecycle required the work of a full-time employee. This employee not only filed and organized, but would try to purge unnecessary files when they had reached their retention dates. Purging was an impossible job. Laconia Housing authority knew that there was a solution to their problems and embraced change.

The Solution

The Laconia Housing Director knew they needed a solution that would help them manage all their business documents including but not limited to, property, resident, financial, human resources and more. They needed to regain office space, simplify business process and allow them to conduct business from anywhere. Being a distributed organization made it important for them to assist residents whether at the primary location, at the property or working remotely. They were also extremely concerned with the security of their tenant files. Another big concern was how to make the transition from a paper reliant traditional office to a streamlined modern operation.

Laconia Housing Authority partnered with Treeno Software who helped to provide a streamlined methodology to help scan in their paper files. Laconia was able to get up quickly with minimal scanning effort compared to traditional scanning projects. Rather than having to scan documents in and tag them individually, Treeno Software provided the ability to scan multiple documents in at the same time and have them auto-file to the proper folder without manually naming each file.

Treeno Software worked with LHA to create an implementation plan that would allow staff to begin using the solution very quickly, day forward, while also starting to scan their paper documents. Treeno’s project management team worked with LHA to review physical files, storage methods, naming conventions, and organizational approaches so that the Treeno EDM solution could be tailored to mirror their approaches digitally.

Treeno Software eliminated LHA’s apprehension about scanning decades worth of paper by simplifying the scanning of the paper files into three easy steps. First, Treeno imported LHA’s tenant list to auto create electronic tenant folders. Secondly, they helped LHA produce routing sheets which would auto-file the documents to the electronic folders without any manual tagging. Lastly, LHA would scan the files and they would auto-file to the appropriate folder in Treeno where they were immediately available to authorized users. It was that easy. Before long, LHA ended up with a huge quantity of files to destroy after they were scanned and all the data was in the new digital format.

The Results

As a result of working with Treeno Software, Laconia could free up headcount and didn’t have to hire someone specifically to file things anymore. They cleared out numerous filing cabinets and were able to redesign their whole office, making more working space for everyone. The addition of Treeno and the subtraction of filing cabinets and paper made the workspace environment more pleasant and efficient. With all the ugly cabinets, junk, and paper gone, replaced with scanners on everyone’s desks, the office became more welcoming for employees, clients and visitors.

The Long-Term Benefits

Having Treeno implemented before COVID-19 has allowed LHA to work productively from remote locations. The transition from the office to remote work was seamless for LHA and has allowed everyone to remain safe and distanced without any sacrifice of productivity.

Remote access has been a game-changer as far as efficiency and compliance. Laconia employees can work from anywhere, access files at any time, see the status of documents in the approval process, and monitor any outstanding compliance issues.

Treeno has helped facilitate document access for LHA staff and auditors and reviewers, too. Rather than coming into Laconia’s location to audit their files, they can be granted temporary access to the files they need to see and do so remotely, a much easier, more pleasant process for everyone involved.


Laconia Housing Director, Kelly McAdam, says ‘Treeno has been Laconia’s savior, especially with COVID. Their partnership and recommendations have helped transform Laconia’s everyday processes and their physical workspaces and environments. Without all the clutter and paper all over, their offices are so much cleaner, neater, and more pleasant. Kelly has been very impressed with Treeno’s recommendation for the Fujitsu Snapscan scanners with full Adobe Acrobat and has had the same scanner from the start. Treeno’s implementation approach helped LHA make the digital transition efficient and easy. LHA has appreciated the ongoing support and communication that Treeno offers anytime they have a question or want to discuss how the solution may help them overcome challenges and gain efficiencies in the future. “Treeno has been Laconia’s savior, especially with COVID. Their partnership and recommendations have helped transform Laconia’s everyday processes and their physical workspaces and environments,” Kelly McAdam, Director.

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