Treeno Document Management has all the features and functions of an enterprise class electronic document management system without the high cost.

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How can our workflow management solutions help you save time, save money and meet the demands of regulatory compliance? Treeno Electronic Document Management works with you to design, develop and implement cost effective solutions for your toughest business challenges.

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Rapid System Deployment

A Treeno Document Management Cloud SaaS system can be deployed from start to finish in just a few days making Treeno your choice when you have project that needs to be kicked off in a hurry. The Treeno Rapid Document Management System Deployment includes comprehensive training, pre-implementation consulting and system configuration providing you with turnkey enterprise class document management solution.


ADP Payroll Capture


Corporations that process payrolls on a frequent basis can store that data in Treeno for long-term storage. Treeno and ADP have collaborated on a service that allows the secure transmission of payroll data from ADP to Treeno. Once the documents have been transmitted to the Treeno Document Management Server, Treeno will auto-import those files to a dated folder in a payroll cabinet that allows only authorized users to view the stored payroll information.



Electronic Signature


The DocuSign integration gives Treeno EDM customers the ability to securely streamline the process of sending and receiving vital documents to be authorized by using DocuSign’s electronic signature service. Documents can be automatically stored in Treeno, thereby eliminating excessive paper and the need for expensive overnight couriers. The combined strengths of Treeno and the DocuSign electronic signature platform will enable businesses to complete transactions quickly and securely online while improving compliance and drastically reducing processing costs.




Automatic Email and Fax Routing


Email billing is a great way to save paper and streamline the billing process, but bills can sit indefinitely in an individual email inbox without being processed. To automate this process, a generic email address, such as, can be set up. Treeno monitors this email inbox and automatically brings the incoming emails and attachments into a Treeno workflow. The appropriate members of the Accounts Payable department are automatically notified that new invoices are waiting to be paid. Treeno tracks the entire workflow process from beginning to end. Similarly, electronic faxes can also be monitored and processed via a Treeno workflow.



Automated E-forms


Using E-forms is an easy way to eliminate paper and simplify the filing of an electronic document saving the step of scanning a completed paper form. Treeno Document Management works with Adobe Acrobat Professional software to create electronic forms that can automatically trigger a Treeno workflow when an electronic form is completed and the ‘Submit’ button is clicked. The document can be routed to a Treeno folder location and the person(s) involved in the process is alerted by email that they have a step to complete in a workflow process.



Automatic Document Routing with Barcodes


Using Web Services, Treeno can automatically create a new destination folder and place a barcode on documents that are printed from your business application. When a document is returned by fax, email, or scanned paper, it is automatically routed and filed to its predetermined destination in Treeno. For example, one of Treeno’s Fortune 100 clients generates loan documents and then sends the document to their customers for signature. Once the signed documents are emailed, faxed, or mailed back, they are processed using a pre-printed barcode and routed to a pre-indexed folder location.


“The Treeno solution is providing PSA with the tools we need to manage all of our business documents and to help us to become a truly paperless office. We have been able to maintain headcount and continue to expand as a business.
Chris Salazar-Mangrum

Director of Integrated Services, PSA Security Network