Managing the paper documents involved in Individualized Education Programs (IEP) is no easy feat when relying on paper-based maintenance and retention methods. Fortunately, there’s a better way. Using Treeno’s Electronic Document Management (EDM) solution can help both public and private schools of all sizes manage and secure important paper documents and records critical to the IEP process.

These best practices can help your school stay on top of IEP documents in 2018 and beyond:

1. Use Secure, Electronic Document Retention for Paper IEP Records

The sheer volume of IEP-related documents can be overwhelming. In addition to the signed IEP plan itself, IEP documents include periodic signed progress reports, documents outlining program goals and objectives, correspondence related to the plan, the child’s initial medical information related to the IEP and updates to it.

Using Treeno’s electronic document management solution provides a reliable, secure solution for maintaining those records. In addition, the EDM tool can also be used to provide parents and other authorized caregivers access to real-time data and records through a parent portal.

2. Define Document Retention Policies and Procedures

When you use Treeno’s EDM solution, you only need to define document retention policies for each document type once. By establishing business rules for each document type, you can direct the system to automatically purge records after a certain amount of time has passed. Alternatively, the system can notify one or more key decision-makers or administrators before records are deleted, allowing for more flexibility.

3. Reduce Expenses Related to Paper Documents

Managing paper IEP documents comes with a cost. Using an electronic system to manage and retain IEP documents means your school/school district can eliminate the costs that come with storing, faxing, photocopying and printing IEP records. Instead, authorized users can access stored documents with just a few mouse clicks.

4. Ensure Compliance with HIPAA and Other Regulatory Requirements

Because IEP documentation usually includes some medical information about the student, it’s critical that the school maintain compliance with HIPAA and other regulatory regimes. Treeno’s EDM solution is designed to help busy school office staff and district administration comply with these requirements by providing secure document retention and maintenance. Access to IEP information through the EDM’s mobile application meets the same high security standards as the web-based solution, allowing for access on the go without having to worry about document security.

Treeno’s EDM Tool Can Supplement Existing IEP Management Programs

Regardless of whether your school or school district uses IEP management software, Treeno’s electronic document management solution can help manage the voluminous paper documents and records that are part of the IEP process.

Treeno’s EDM system also integrates seamlessly with many other school systems and tools, including student information systems, human resources management applications, financial systems and more. This provides for increased productivity and more efficient day-to-day office management.

To learn more about Treeno Software and to explore how the EDM system can help you manage your school’s paper IEP documents, contact us today by calling (800) 528-5005 or send us an email using