Schools of all sizes, whether public or private, must have scalable processes in place to manage a high volume of documents and records. While the main focus in many schools and districts is on managing records for current and former students, schools also need to manage employee files, financial records and documentation for a variety of back office administration.

Using an electronic document management system can help school administrators avoid the time, hassle and expense of storing paper records, improve security and confidentiality and streamline the record-keeping process.

Leverage Electronic Document Management to Make Managing Employee Records Easy

One of the biggest pain points for school district administration is managing the many documents maintained in teacher and other staff members’ files. In addition to human resources records, employee files in most schools include teacher certifications and license documentation, professional development records, performance reviews, records documenting compliance with state education standards, curriculum records and more.

Treeno Software’s Electronic Document Management (EDM) system provides a cost-effective and secure way for school districts to remove the hassle and frustration that comes with printing, filing, photocopying and organizing these documents.

Streamline the Financial Management Process

Schools also need to maintain financial records including accounts payable, procurement, vendor contract management, student finance and fees. In addition to providing an easy way to manage financial records, Treeno’s EDM system also provides a mechanism for managing vendor contracts and agreements, budgets and more.

Treeno’s Electronic Document Management solution make managing the approval process for expense reports or budget requests simple with user-defined workflows to guide the process including reminding users of action needed, as appropriate.

Retrieving stored financial documents is also fast and easy. Treeno’s system integrates seamlessly with many education applications including Skyward, Power Schools, SIS, RDS and BlackBaud’s to name a few, making it easy to attach stored documents to back office, student or HR records.

Realize Process Improvement Benefits from Managing Back Office Documents Electronically

School office staff and school district administrators in districts that still rely heavily on paper files and records know first-hand the time it can take to manage a high volume of paperwork correctly, ensuring documents are filed in the right folders, securing files and records and handling the logistics of transferring or sharing stored documents.

Electronic document management can relieve much of that stress. When records are stored electronically, they can be accessed by authorized personnel quickly and easily. In addition, because Treeno Software’s EDM solution is available in a mobile application, users can access records right from the classroom, training center, another school district building or anywhere else they need to retrieve filed documents.

Finally, managing the document retention and destruction process is also simplified under an EDM solution. Administrators simply define rules up front to determine how long documents should be retained before being electronically shredded. Administrators can also set workflows and flags to determine whether documents should be retained for a longer time period.

Improve Back Office Document Management with Treeno’s EDM Solution

Using Treeno Software’s EDM system can help your school district manage its back-office records cost-effectively and securely, helping improve productivity and efficiency.

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