Business process automation, which involves changing manual, paper-based processes into electronic workflows that move from user to user with little or no human interaction, is a key component for any business that wants to become — and remain — competitive in its industry. Artificial Intelligence (AI) includes technologies that learn and evolve over time, including speech and language recognition tools, context-aware computing, machine learning, and chat bots, just to name a few of the most prevalent tools.

Rather than being competing solutions, business process automation and AI actually pair well together, offering increased productivity and efficiencies for organizations of all sizes, in any industry.

Understanding the Benefits of Combining Business Process Automation and AI

Business process automation, by itself, has fundamentally changed the way employees do their work. Rather than relying on manual processes, organizations that have implemented automated workflows let the software do the work of moving documents and records between users in predefined paths. Automation benefits businesses in many ways, including by decreasing errors, improving processing time and enhancing customer service.

AI can be configured to work with business process automation to handle routine, repetitive, rule-based tasks. When combined, the AI responds to changes in the applicable process over time, intelligently applying what it’s “learned” from previous instances of the workflow.

When AI is combined with business process automation, the benefits to firms are multiplied. Some of those benefits include:

  • Improved accuracy
  • Strict adherence to regulatory compliance rules and requirements
  • Creates consistency
  • No disruption to existing systems
  • Increases worker productivity
  • Significantly lowers or eliminates errors altogether

Ideal Application of Business Process Automation and AI Capabilities

Business process automation leveraging the power of AI is making its way into all types of businesses around the world. AI paired with automation works particularly well in situations where there are large amounts of data to review or analyze. The system can recognize context and content, becoming intuitive and providing even greater gains as time passes.

In practice, AI and machine learning can take several forms. The AI component can be used simply to observe what workers are doing and then automate those steps. Taking it to the next level, AI could use predictive analysis to complete tasks or re-route processes. AI paired with business process automation could also be leveraged to make recommendations to business leaders based on its analysis of data collected and processed over a period of time.

Some examples of business processes for which businesses are already leveraging automation and AI include finance and accounting processes, such as payroll, accounts receivable, and accounts payable; HR tasks like new employee performance management; operations tasks such as inventory management, IT service tickets, and many more.

Explore the Possibilities for AI and Automation in Your Organization

Ultimately, combining business process automation and AI can help your organization become a more competitive force, reduce costs, reduce or eliminate errors and create efficiencies.

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