Are you using document management for K-12? If so, how are you doing it? Today, schools have access to a wide range of methods for updating and digitizing their records and paperwork. Doing so saves money. It also enhances security. There’s little doubt that the need to modernize is present in nearly any school today, but doing so with the right type of document management system is essential. If and when your organization decides to move forward, it’s important to know the key advantages and features to look for.

The Advantages You’ll See

Moving to document management for K-12 is a step in the right direction. Imagine the amount of time your staff spent looking for a lost file. How many hours were spent hand-entering information into a system? How many hours did you pull teachers away from the tasks they should be doing to handle administrative tasks? Consider these advantages of investing in document management software for K-12.

#1: It creates a single location – for everything

A key benefit to using a cloud-based system is that all of the documents and materials your organization needs are located in one place. Of course, this also means it is accessible from anywhere. That means a multiple building school can access information in one common system seamlessly.

#2: There’s enhanced security

This is one of the most important reasons to upgrade by itself. Security is maximized when you move towards a cloud-based system with ample safety built into it. Not only does Treeno meet the new and increasing privacy laws for students, but it also ensures that you can control and track who accesses what.

#3: Documents remain safe

By the same token, a cloud-based system means your documents are safe no matter what happens at the actual location. For example, a flood may ruin your hard copies of student files. If you don’t have a cloud back-up, your documents are lost. With a cloud-based system, everything remains safe from theft, fire, vandalism, and much more.

#4: It saves your organization money

Some document management for K-12 can provide automation. That is, it can help to enhance the way your school gets work done. You need fewer people to manually input data. Instead, it is all done automatically. Additionally, all materials are entered and accessed easily. This saves countless hours of searching for files and paper. It boosts productivity and addresses your school or administration’s needs.

#5: File sharing is seamless

File sharing has become an important benefit for today’s document management system. When this type of access is provided, it becomes more efficient and even effortless to share data from one administrator to the next. File sharing across multiple locations – such as from your administration office to a teacher’s desk, becomes easy to do.

#6: Maintain better and less time-demanding organization

Remember the days of filing cabinets that took hours to organize at the end of each day? If your organization is still hard copying files manually, it’s wasting time and creating frustration that’s no longer necessary.

#7: It’s easy to integrate

You can integrate this system with most other applications you are using. It allows for one-click automated filing, searching, and retrieval at that point among all of your files and documents.

For today’s organization, it’s important to invest in document management for K-12. It is a cost-effective, efficient way of operating your organization, while enhancing security. With higher compliancy requirements and demand for minimizing budget costs, these factors play an important role in making the decision to upgrade. Treeno Software can help make this effortless.