Today’s K-12 educational landscape is evolving rapidly. From changes in teaching & learning methodologies to the services provided by schools to meet the needs of diverse student populations, schools are far different than they were at the beginning of the century. Digital learning has become an essential part of the education system and along with classroom lessons laden with a focus on 21st century technology and skills, school districts have also been driven to alter the ways in which information is delivered, shared, review and retained.

This technological revolution has been embraced in the classroom by teachers and students, but, very often, the administrative units within schools and districts have struggle to keep pace. Conversion to digital records, intelligent forms, automated workflow review processes and tools that can break informational silos and connect the many dispersed technological gems into a virtual treasure chest are the trend for schools both large and small in 2020 and beyond. Treeno Software’s enterprise document management solution has made many districts across the country more efficient and secure. Treeno’s scalability and customizability make for a truly valuable tool, capable of addressing a myriad of business process and organizational obstacles.

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