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Treeno Advanced Security and Audit

Your Information Is Secure with Treeno Document Management

Treeno security lets you control who has access to different parts of the system and which actions they can perform. The permission set determines how users interact with cabinets, folders and file types and individual files and documents.

Manage security in Treeno in the following ways:

  • Department level – All rights (system, group, and user) are assigned by department.
  • System level – Set global permissions that apply to all groups within a department.
  • Group level – The most efficient way to manage security because you only need to set up security permissions once for multiple users.
  • User level – If necessary, you can set permissions for individual users; however, it is recommended that you set security at the group level whenever possible.

Detailed System Audit Trail

All electronic document management system transactions in Treeno are audited, allowing you to monitor a document’s progress and anticipate any bottlenecks or issues before they arise.

The audit table displays a history of transactions based on defined search criteria. Information is detailed in the following columns:

  • ID – The system-generated ID assigned to each transaction record.
  • Username – The name of the user who performed the transaction.
  • Date/Time – The date and time the transaction was performed.
  • Info – Metadata contained within the transaction record.
  • Action – The type of transaction performed.

Treeno electronic document management system and workflow automation audit table
Treeno Detailed File Level Audit

Document Level Audit

All activity for a specific file is recorded and stored. With a drop down report users can look up the history of any particular file. The detailed report tracks the file by who viewed and/or performed any action with the file and date and time. The report is available at the document level and allows organizations to comply with regulations such as FDA, 21 CFR.


View Only File Access

The Treeno Virtual Viewer enables the lock down of files to be “view only” access ensuring the security of sensitive information. The built-in viewer enables document types to be viewed by authorized users without requiring the application to reside on the user’s desktop. This integrated viewer enables additional security of exportability of files.


Compliance Report

The Treeno compliance report allows a user to identify what documents are required to be compiled as part of a complete folder of required information. Once the documents have been defined, an authorized user can run a report based on all files that are complete or incomplete. When running the incomplete report, missing and incomplete files are identified. This report allows internal auditors to quickly identify incomplete files so corrective actions can be taken.

Let Treeno Document Management help you to increase information security and accountability. Contact Treeno today.



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