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Treeno Document and File Search

Treeno Document Management Provides Simple and Efficient Methods to Search for and Find Document and Files

System Search

Simply type in a word, phrase or number and Treeno Document Management searches all files, tabs, folders and sub-folder keyword metadata. Treeno quickly returns the prioritized results based on the closest match by folder, tab level, file level naming conventions and then by OCR text.

Treeno electronic document management system and workflowautomation
Manage all electronic files and documents

Boolean Search

Complex searches are made easy with the advanced search capabilities in Treeno. Users can search from “begins with”, “does not include”, “contains”, and many other useful search criteria. The Boolean search algorithm ensures users’ find the exact information required.


Integrated "One Click" Search

When an application is integrated with Treeno electronic document management the user simply clicks the Search button on the TreenoConnect tool. Files and documents previously linked will pop up on their screen.

Make searching for your documents and files quick and easy with Treeno Document Management. Contact Treeno today.



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