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Treeno Software Introduces Fourth-Generation Enterprise Document Management System


-- Treeno Software Offers New Efficiencies to Businesses at Compelling Price Point --

PORTSMOUTH, N.H. - Feb 22, 2011 - Treeno Software, Inc.,, today introduced its fourthgeneration Enterprise Document Management (EDM) system. Since 2002, Treeno Software has established its expertise in this $45 billion business application market with deployments in a variety of industries across North America. Its new V.4 platform extends Treeno’s leadership by providing businesses with greater control over all critical documents and information at a compelling price point.

Building on the strength of its platform architecture, Treeno EDM v.4 offers a new, more intuitive user interface that makes it easier for users to leverage its numerous features. Fundamentally, it means reduced user training, increased productivity and lower cost of operations. It’s a powerful tool for businesses that costs as low as $4,995.00 for an on-premises system, or $49.95 per month for a cloud solution.

“Treeno EDM 4 represents the combination of more than 10 years of user analysis, together with our technical expertise in enterprise document management,” said Steve Tentindo, President, Treeno Software, Inc. “EDM is all about making workflow and operations as simple and efficient as possible. With our improved user-centered design, Treeno Software enables more people within any organization to leverage the value of this critical business application.”

Digital Advantages

According to Coopers & Lybrand, U.S. businesses generate trillions of tons of paper documents, which clog operations and limit access to critical information. Document management systems enable those documents, such as invoices, records, purchase orders, photos, titles, etc. to be digitally accessed, processed and securely retained as valuable information.

Treeno Software enables any number of departments, functional areas and disparate offices to manage and share critical information and to establish new efficiencies in workflow. Its success is marked by its robust browser-based platform that provides a wide range of functional utilities such as automated routing of reoccurring processes, content versioning, redactions and annotations, department segmenting and document control. It simplifies audit trails, eases compliance requirements and mitigates risk of exposure. It integrates quickly and easily into any size business and accommodates any number of ancillary applications that businesses rely on.

“Since 2002, our web-based architecture has provided the robust performance, security and flexibility to support today’s evolving data trends,” said Will Thibodeau, Chief Technology Officer, Treeno Software. “We have offered our clients proven IT technology with their choice of server options – local or cloud-based – and fast, easy integration.”

In addition to its new, customizable user interface, Treeno EDM 4 offers a variety of new features. With an enhanced file structure, Treeno has simplified the process of indexing images and documents. It also has a built-in viewer that allows hundreds of different file types to be viewed with no plug-ins or nothing additional installed on their desktop or mobile device. The new system also enables users to customize their individual dashboards, which helps employees work more effectively and comfortably.

Treeno Software’s EDM system has built the reputation as one of the smartest solutions on the market. It is widely deployed throughout North America by businesses in a variety of industries, such as financial services, education, government, healthcare, insurance and manufacturing. The Company has a number of strategic alliance partners, and a select network of resellers nationwide.

About Treeno Software

Established in 2002, Treeno Software is a leader in the Enterprise Document Management (EDM) industry. Treeno Software was one of the industry’s first to embrace cloud computing with the Treeno EDM Cloud (SaaS) and to provide web-based solutions offering secure global mobile access. Based in Portsmouth, NH, Treeno Software provides their customers with operational workflow efficiencies and measureable return on investment (ROI) through the fast installation and implementation of their fully secure, highly reliable, and easy-to-use, web-based Enterprise Document Management (EDM) Software Solution. For information, visit; call: 800-528-5005 or email:

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