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Treeno Enterprise Document Management

The Treeno Enterprise Document Management (EDM) solution allows your organization to store all of its important documents and files in a central secure location, while still providing authorized users with easy access to the information they need. Treeno gives you control over all document and file types, including scanned files, electronic documents, emails, and rich media files such as video and audio files. Treeno's browser-based document management user interface allows users to access information without having to install any additional software on their desktop.

The Treeno Enterprise Document Management solution includes

  • Integration with third-party applications for “one click” searching and indexing
  • Document versioning with check-in and check-out
  • A detailed audit trail that tracks all activity by user, date, and action
  • An extensive multi-layer security model
  • Storage and retrieval of any document or file type
  • Full-text search capabilities
  • Web browser functionality

For more information about how Treeno document management works with your department and industry go to the Treeno Solutions Center.

Three deployment options

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